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  • Hell yeah I like Doctor Who! It's pretty much the only thing I watch nowadays :D I'm quite liking the new series so far. There are a few things that annoy me about it though, mainly how they seem to keep changing the rules of how time works every episode. :laugh3: I don't watch Sherlock though. I kind of want to, but I get put off by all the insane fangirly stuff I see on the internet... :uhoh:
    There is now less than a month until I see Muse... :bomb: Apparently they are already in Coventry setting up the stage for rehearsals so I will have to be careful to avoid spoilers! :eek:
    Also, I have a new cat! :nice: She's the most purry and friendly cat I've ever seen and she loves to curl up on my lap and have me stroke her tummy :cheesy:
    Hey :nice:
    It was actually the library, haha. It went great! We had some sound problems, though, so we weren't as coordinated as we usually are :\ they haven't sent us the mp3s yet, and I think they're making a kind of music video of the performance. Hopefully we'll have another gig soon at their new location :awesome:
    Glad you had a good time! If they were better than Radiohead that's saying something :tongue: are you going to anything this summer? I was thinking of the Øya festival again but it doesn't look like it'll work out..
    That's good :) let me know if you put anything up.
    Thanks, almost done now. Two stressy weeks. ugh. Music history on wednesday, then we have a break.
    Cool :nice: I've been thinking England or the UK too, but not for a couple of years depending if I find something.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed my pictures! :awesome: I'm really surprised at how good some of them came out, as it was very difficult to keep my hand still while I was jumping! :lol: The entire stage design was just fantabulous! The pyramid, and the designs on the screens of the pyramid, and the lasers... everything was just amazing!! :D As of this Friday, it will be 4 weeks since the Muse concert! :cry: But, I actually get to celebrate the one month anniversary by going to ANOTHER concert! xD I'm going to see The Airborne Toxic Event for my fourth time! :dance: They just released a new album last week, and now they're touring America, and I highly recommend that you see them if you have the chance! :surprised: :awesome: :D
    Yeah, I would probably die if they played Dead Star, Micro Cuts, Muscle Museum, Blackout or any other rare song :lol:
    I'm glad that you've started watching Heroes! :awesome: I knew that if you liked Lost then you would like Heroes. Who are your favourite characters at the moment?
    Also I don't know if you've heard but in a couple of concerts the roulette landed on the Green slot and Matt asked the audience what song they wanted to hear, which resulted in Dead Star being played in NY and Micro Cuts :)o :awesome:) being played in Montreal. Soooo jealous of the folks that got Micro Cuts! One of them also tweeted (I don't know which band member) that they might play Muscle Museum in the summer... I would probably die if that happened :laugh3:
    Oh, yeah I've seen the Panic Station video :lol: It's amazing! Probably my favourite Muse video, as it's the only one that's actually made me want to watch it more than once. :laugh3:
    Also, their North American tour has just ended which means their next concert will be in the UK... which means there's only 3 concerts left before mine :bomb: I've promised myself not to look at the setlists for those 3 concerts because I want to be surprised as much as possible. There's a chance they might play some old songs they haven't played in ages... for example, someone recorded them soundchecking Blackout before one of the Canadian shows which sounded truly beautiful! :wacky:
    The people around me at the concert (besides one guy who was jumping around as insanely as I was during every song xD) were not pwoper fans. :( They were just standing there, not singing any of the words!! For some reason, at every concert I go to, I am always stuck near the most drunk/annoying/unpwoper fans!! :shame: And oh my gosh, this one girl in front of me was literally recording almost EVERY song on her phone, so her hand was up in my view for almost the entire show (which was quite frustrating!), and it kind of ruined my chance of getting a lot of epic pictures. :( But I did get plenty of awesome pictures when she put her hand down! xD And I will send them to you in a private message! :D
    So besides the annoying people around me and the girl's hand in my view, it was seriously such an INCREDIBLE concert!! And now I am dying to see them again!! MUSE, COME BACK TO MEEEE!!! xD
    Oh my gosh, as soon as the screens changed to the roulette thing popped up on the screen, I just got so excited and nervous and I just totally freaked out! xD I couldn't even look at the screen for the longest time! Then as the ball started dropping, I looked back at the screens and had my fingers crossed that it would land on Stockholm Syndrome, and it did, but then it moved over to New Born, and then it landed on Stockholm Syndrome again and stayed in that slot and I just totally FREAKED OUT! :bliss: I started jumping around like a maniac and then I hugged my dad (we were both insanely hoping that they would play Stockholm :awesome:) and in the process of this crazy-excited-freaking-out-crying moment, everyone around me looked over at me like I was a freak or something, and as I was flailing my arms everywhere, I accidentally whacked the woman behind me on the arm xD I couldn't help but get so insanely excited!! Stockholm is my FAVOURITE Muse song!! :dance:
    Hello again :)
    Yeah, it went fine. It was really fun, and it was in front of a window overlooking the downtown so it was a really venue as well. We have another gig coming up on thursday at a music venue which I'm looking forward to. We'll be recorded so we can upload some new stuff.
    That's ok :tongue: It was ok, I didn't end up doing much or celebrating. It feels basically the same, haha.
    That sounds amazing! Knights of Cydonia must be massive live, and Stockholm Syndrome gah. Lucky you.
    Hope you've gotten out of your writers block:)
    Fine :nice: Entering exam season now so bracing myself. Soon summer though! What about you?
    That's very funny that you pranked a lot of people on April Fool's! :laugh3: What were some of the pranks that you did? xD I, myself, am absolutely awful at pulling pranks. When I try to be sneaky, I always get caught in the act, and then all of my amazing plans just fall apart! :lol: So that's why I don't even attempt to prank people nowadays. xD
    And actually, no I do not watch the Walking Dead, but I do somewhat know what it is about, since all of my other friends watch it and talk about it nonstop! xD I've heard that it is an awesome show, though! :D

    And thank you for liking my Matt avatar! :awesome: Your avatar is very awesome as well!! :dazzled:
    I totally cannot believe that I'll be seeing Muse in LESS THAN A WEEK NOW!! AHHH!!! :bliss: Now, every time I wake up for school this week, I'm gonna be thinking, "OH MY GOD, I'M SEEING MUSE ON FRIDAYYY!!!" :dance: At least it's something that will actually motivate me to get out of bed in the morning!! xD I have a feeling that it is going to be THE most insanely breathtaking, epic, incredible, awesome, unforgettable concert I will have ever gone to! I cannot believe that, after three years of waiting for Muse to come back to America, I'm only going to be seeing them DAYS from now!!! :awesome: :D
    Yeah, your concert photos are absolutely amazing!! xD If I get any decent pictures, I will show them to you! :D And, I know! I'm gonna miss seeing that epic March Madness commercial! The first time I saw it, I was just frozen with awe... It was just so AWESOME!!! But I'm pretty sure someone has posted it on Youtube, so we can keep watching it there!! xD
    Yeah, exactly! Even though I'm gonna be hoping that they play Stockholm Syndrome the entire time, I'm gonna be so insanely happy if they play just one note of any song! :lol: That's just how awesome they are!! :awesome: I seriously don't know if I'm gonna make it out of the venue alive... :laugh3: Last night, I saw Muse perform Madness for the big Final Four March Madness tournament, and despite the fact that the beginning of the song got cut off and it was only on TV, I was still bawling my eyes out and fangirling! xD I can only imagine what it's gonna be like when they're actually IN FRONT OF ME!! :stunned:
    Oh my gosh, I hope your neck is alright now! xD I feel like there's going to be another "Don't Let it Break Your Heart incident" throughout the entire Muse concert, where I'm going to get huge bruises on my knees from jumping around and continuously whacking my knee on the seat in front of me! :laugh3: I should wear knee pads! xD
    Basically, Thalia asked for something to draw and Reilly told her to draw an easter egg (because it was easter and everything) so she drew him an egg. Then he asked me to draw an egg but I said I couldn't draw, so Thalia drew a picture of me drawing an egg :lol: I thought it was a great picture so I made it my avatar :lol:
    Ooooh, has Season 3 finally finished in the US? That means I will be able to watch it soon! :dance: And it's only 2 months until I see Muse :eek:
    You got to hear Sunburn!? Jealous! And oh darn! Too bad you didn't get to hear new born!
    And yeah, after I saw them they were all I listened to for the longest time

    And I've been good! Super busy with university and work. But school is almost over, which means summer soon!

    How about yourself? :nice:
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