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Recent content by Stephen

  1. Stephen

    Do you think Coldplay's newest album will be influenced by/as good as Oldplay?

    Not sure if they are in the mindset to create such an album again. I agree that MX and AHFOD are quite similar. Mylo Xyloto is definitely less 'poppy' and produced as AHFOD, which I would love to see for LP8
  2. Stephen

    Noel Gallagher

    It won't appeal to some people but it is really nice to see him experiment with different musical styles. A sure sign that he is enjoying making music right now.
  3. Stephen

    What should have been the 5th single from AROBTTH

    I would say Green Eyes, mainly because some of my friends, who would not be big fans of Coldplay, really enjoy the song!
  4. Stephen

    Do you think Coldplay's newest album will be influenced by/as good as Oldplay?

    I think we will never see them willingly release old discarded tracks/demos. Chris especially seems to be the type of person that doesn't linger too much in the past and would rather work on new material than recycle old stuff. As for the new album, I don't think we will see anything resembling...
  5. Stephen

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I don't think we can follow usual trends here since we have "finished the first chapter" of Coldplay. I definitely think we will see something in 2020, perhaps the second or third quarter. Anything before or after will be surprising!
  6. Stephen

    Coldplaying Forums Changelog

    I have squashed a few bugs. Sub-forums are now sorted into 3 columns instead of 1 which looks a hell of a lot better!
  7. Stephen

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    lol I know. I have completely forgotten about Los Unidades!
  8. Stephen

    [2015-12-17] Coldplaying Asks Coldplay - The Batman Interview

    As far as I remember, they are ok because they are private and a Coldplaying account is needed to see them. I could be wrong
  9. Stephen

    How to take back the old theme?

    Hi, if you want to see a full list of last posts then just click the "Latest Posts" title in the sidebar or click here. As for changing the theme back, we have completely upgraded the forum core and the previous theme is no longer compatible. This was necessary to speed up the forum and fix...
  10. Stephen

    Coldplaying Forums Changelog

    I DM’d you
  11. Stephen

    Coldplaying Forums Changelog

    It’s a known issue with this software that I can only fix temporarily until they update the core software
  12. Stephen

    Coldplaying Forums Changelog

    Should be temporarily fixed now
  13. Stephen

    Coldplaying Forums Changelog

    I think I’m having the same issue as you but send on a screenshot if you can. A patch is coming soon
  14. Stephen

    The Snow Patrol Thread

    I'm obsessed with this track right now