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  • Haha, I did that too! I remember at the last Coldplay concert I went to, me and my best friend were talking to these two guys all day and I finally asked them if they were on coldplaying lol one of them was, but yes, it was still kind of awkward LOL.
    I loved your t-shirt idea! I showed it to my best friend too and she loves it also(she's on coldplaying too, but doesn't post much) So we are gonna use your template if that's okay! I don't know if everyone will agree on the same shirt, but as long as everyone does a coldplaying shirt... it will be awesome!
    I've seen them 8 times and this will be my 9th time seeing them. They are the only band I have ever seen in concert this much! haha. I am nervous about the festival because I have only ever seen them at their own concerts and although I have seen them general admission before, the festival experience is going to be completely different!
    That's one of the best parts about going to Coldplay concerts :) How many times have you seen them live?
    I am flying in on August 4th, just not sure what time yet, but it will probably be later in the night. I will be in Chicago until August 8th :) Are you going to Lolla for all three days?
    Wow I just saw your message now, nearly a year after you sent it! You are so welcome! I hope you get a great christmas card this year too, from your 2010 secret santa :)
    That's a nice idea, I'd love to meet you guys, we can see how that would work out when we know the rest of the program I guess. I know right! It's going to be so freaking awesome
    2GreenEyes is looking for someone to stay with. She posted in the Boat trip social group for "Travel Buddy". Maybe yall could work on something togther.
    How much do you want to spend? Try expedia and put in westminster. That's a pretty safe area and close to stuff. I am staying at the Holiday Inn Express Victoria. There are several budget hotels on Belgrave Road. None are anything fancy, but the area is safe and I can help you vnavigate.
    If you need any help with London, let me know. I have been many times and have stayed pretty much all around town. I put up some maps in the social group info thread.
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