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  • Hi Ioshi,
    I am planning to go to my bank to ask them how to donate via PayPal as I do not have an account but would like to make a donation.
    P.S When lying in bed (my favourite place in the world) all day doesn't make you feel better, you know you really are sick :( Again, get well soon dear friend :hug:
    Sorry yes, VM!

    Really sorry to hear you're not well my friend (is it new? I don't think you've mentioned that...) Get well soon :hug:

    Things are busy here, but I'll email when I can :sunny:
    I got a couple of hours sleep after my PM this morning thanks :)

    Aw no, there's not too much romance in pantomimes - the important thing's the hissing and booing the villain :p We went with the whole family so that was nice...lots of very risque jokes an innuendo for the adults though :stunned: :laugh3: Also lots of cute chorus girls :D

    Wow, what a sky, thanks for sharing that!!

    Speak soon my friend :nice:
    Nothing special, just can't sleep properly most nights...

    Yes I got you mail thanks! I'll try to reply later, we're going out for the day to see a pantomime :)
    I haven't slept properly for weeks - I don't know why (probably worry).

    I've got to try to sleep again.

    How are you?

    A new mail (see also that one below): What if someone sent a question in a couple of days to the Oracle asking her what was the boys' reaction (and of course with a link to the video)? That should call for some kind of reaction.

    Or is it a silly idea?
    Hi Ioshi,
    Thanks again for what you did yesterday. I now have Christmas Lights on my mind as sung by YOU and ANNA. It was so beautiful (just as good as the original). I have just watched the video twice - and my favourite part is the duet between you and Anna. Thanks again.
    Which Christmas message do you want to send him?

    Because I was thinking of sending him a link to the video - and then I would go to bed as it is 4:35 am here now. :wreck:
    Do you want me to pass a message to him?

    I am ready to do so. I am thinking of sending him a link to the video.

    I am a bit confused as I am sure that he would also love to get a direct message from you.

    But if you want, then I am ready to pass a message from you.
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