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  • I´m okay, thanks!:)
    I´m also very busy every day,
    with my kids and all the other things to do every day.
    Maybe next year I have the time for a little trip to London.

    And you?? Everything okay??:kiss:
    Good morning!
    Quick hi before I go to trade school...
    Sorry I haven't written in so long.
    I'm in a self-prescribed "distraction programme" at the moment. :lol: :disappointed:
    Will write soon, sorry again.

    Have a nice day! :hug:
    No, there wasn't!
    I was at a friend's birthday party after work last night. :)
    Off to town now to get my eyelashes coloured, then sports, then work.
    Have a nice day hun xxx

    No worries, you don't have to hehe
    I had a "power day" yesterday: cleaning the bathroom, mowing the grass, baking a cake for sports group (I'm heading there now), successfully bidding on a new printer for work, doing accounts and creating a flyer for work. :lol:

    Have a nice day, talk later!! :kiss:
    haha...yes, i did. in an attempt to try & control my "public/professional image"...as my previous username is now my website domain name & twitter name. ;)
    Hi Carol!!! :kiss:
    Thanks for your text yesterday!
    It's all coming at once like always... I need to design a new 2-months-preview flyer asap, write a job application until the end of the month + CV and so on. And now I have to get ready to meet my best friend for coffee :awesome:
    She's in town at the moment, so happy!
    Later work and town fair / festival afterwards. :dance:
    A well known German singer will be there, even if it'll rain - I want to see him haha

    Have a nice day, love!!

    Hi hun, I'm having the craziest time right now... worked 13 hours xesterday, today it was 16!! with only 1hr break... 3 more days of intense work coming. Then I've got to learn for a big test and the exam on 2nd.
    Hope you're doing fine.
    Sorry I don't have time to reply to your email. :embarrassed:
    But good progress work-wise.
    Talk soon and good night!!

    Love, Anna
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