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Recent content by Schmanda

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    [2017-08-19] Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

    Still haven't got an email for the code ;(
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    [2017-08-19] Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

    Traveling from Pittsburgh with my 9-year-old daughter!! This will be her first time seeing the band. Can't wait to see her face light up!
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    Livin' n Lovin'

    Livin' n Lovin'
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    Will we get a 2017 North American presale?

    Hmmm.....I checked, spam too but no email. Bummer!! Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe tomorrow. If anyone is kind enough to share the code. I'm looking for two tickets for Cleveland. <3
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    Will we get a 2017 North American presale?

    Anyone know if the Cleveland Ohio show has started presales yet? Haven't got an email yet. They go on sale to the public 10/16.
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    [2016-08-04] CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

    This was my first Coldplay show. What a perfect night all around. Got upgraded seats during the second song (couldn't hold my bladder any longer) while running to the restroom. Beyond grateful! We were able to see the show on the floor instead of the side viewing cheap seats. The band played...