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  • Klar, das Lied lebt von seinem Sound und den winzigen musikalischen Details, die man leider noch nicht richtig hört...aber die Studio-Version wird einfach nur bombastisch, da bin ich sicher. Großártiger Song!
    nah it wont :p i could not resist and i just finish to see them, loved the one with surfing guy :) really cool city
    Hey i just checked your flickr, loved your pics and specially Flensburg!i must confess i did not know that city,iI always loved Germany, dont ask me why lol and i only know Köln, i went to see Coldplay there back in 2008 with some other coldplayers :) but i want to come back for sure, to visit Berlin( for the beer festival :lol: ) !!! and Munich and :bomb: well i wish i could travel all the country :p
    its ok :) i just wanted to let you know cause you were very kind, we did not do anything, just stayed at home :\ the italian guy is travelling around some countries by train, so he passed by Lisbon for 2 days only :) but thats ok lol is just me, for some reason i prefer to meet guys from other countries than mine :shame: lol i mean is more interesting to know dif cultures, not that i want to date them lol dont think that about me :p i really like to talk with people from othersides :) and portuguese guys are beautifull like the girls :lol:
    i did not meet the italian guy :( i stayed with my dad yesterday and we did not go to the beach and today i got sick, he was going to beach with my friend :bigcry: im no lucky lol sorry i had to share this with you :p
    Hey! Nah, I don't know anyone I'm afraid, would be awesome if I did though!

    I entered the orginal iTunes comp, the Coldplay.com comp, the extra iTunes comp on Twitter, one with XFM, one with ASOS on Facebook, one with The Pierces (who are supporting) and one with Yahoo on Twitter, which is the one I won. Um...so yeah, I entered quite a few :embarrassed:

    Thanks!! I will :nice:
    It was EPIC!! They're so good live! *.* And I was very close to the stage and I could see Chris and Guy very well, I couldn't believe I sang all the songs and jumped and shouted and screamed, god...it was brilliant! :D
    Yeah, it was the first time I saw them! :)
    Sag mir nochmal schnell, wie die Zuschauer bei Rock im Park auf PoC reagiert haben im Vergleich zu den anderen neuen Songs. :D
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