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  • Tillykke med fødselsdagen (der er 2 timer tilbage af den). Jeg håber, at du har haft / har en god dag.
    Hej med dig,
    Tak og i lige måde. Jeg har lige bestilt fly fra København til Gatwick. Flyver 7:20 på torsdag og forlader London via Gatwick på lørdag kl. 10:40. Hvad med dig?
    haha , eigenlijk niet :p het is helemaal goed :p
    ik zelf ook zo dyslectisch als de pest dus spellings fouten ontdekken is niet mijn sterkste kant
    maar wat was er in Nijmegen vorig jaar dan?
    maar je kunt wel gewoon vloeiend deens? en je studie doe je ook in het deens ga ik dus van uit?
    hey, just a question.
    do you know where your name means and where is came from?
    because my niece is also calles roos-anne, and i thought it was a dutch name
    Hej RoosAnne,


    Hej RoosAnne,
    Hvordan går det? Her går det fint, men lidt træt efter at have været til 60 års fødselsdag lørdag aften.
    På tirsdag fra kl. 21 sender 100FM en særudsendelse i anledning af Brits Awards, hvori spilles musik med tidligere og aftenens vindere, som de offentliggør, så snart de har fået det at vide.
    haha)) well well well..
    my favourite song is Clocks, its on my t-shirt:)

    wow! Hamburg (2005) is #1 because it was your first gig or cause it was twisted Logic tour?
    and you rate Nijmegen (second gig) higher than Wembley! oh, its interesting! i thought that nothing can compare with Wembley night!
    Herning is the last, wow another surprise!
    mmm... i should think up more:thinking:
    You're welcome! thanks:)
    I understand, you told me there that Scientist is your favourite song, so that i guess how important and personal it for you. but i was really stunned, in a good sense, looking at you then :rolleyes: Sometimes i think that its my fav song too..
    Could you rate all Coldplay gigs that you have visit, please? Its interesting which place take Nijmegen nights..:)
    PS Looking on my avatar you could think that I make photos with all pretty girls on Coldplay gigs, but I swear it's not true! :lol:
    I'm fine, looking for company for internship in US.
    I have to apologize if seemed to you a little strange and unmodest there at Nijmegen gigs, its only cause of my bad English:) weeeeell and i swear that wouldn't be such inspiring to make a photo with your if I'd know that you was with your mother there :facepalm: :lol: Anyway it was so cool to meet such a awesome fan as you!
    oh, and i have to say that I will never forget your emotions during Scientist, it was such an emotional moment!:rolleyes2:
    Hej RoosAnne,
    TV2 sender fra kl. 2-4 i nat HOPE for HAITI-velgørenhedskoncerten med bl.a. Coldplay, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys og BONO.
    Hav en god week-end. NANCY
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