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  • Hey, you didn't do anything wrong, it was just to let you know that a post of yours had been removed because you quoted someone who violated forum rules and you weren't referring to anything else in your post so it had been deleted. :)
    Hi there,
    a post of yours has been removed because you quoted text violating the forum rules.
    Thanks for understanding, have a nice day :)
    Hi! Thanks for the response. It wasn't that I'd actually seen a video. It was a post on the Tampa postponed thread. I never found it there again, but it's such a huge thread I just finally gave up. But, when I went to the Charlotte Verizon live concert site, I actually found it.
    It was kind of a review, but spoke to the issues of Chris' performance the night before, and thinking it was him who was probably sick. If you go to:2009:Viva la Vida Tour Easy thread finder, Aug.07,2009,"JustSpies84" comment #341, 3rd paragraph you will find the post. As I read it, the problem occured on"D&AHF." Even though there is a you tube link for every song at the beginning of the thread, there isn't one for that song which is really according to Chris' wishes.
    I'm not trying to say that Chris blew it, or anything remotely negative. I'm crazy about him. I was just saying these were issues when all stacked up, possibly, spoke to his not usual state of mind. Everyone has the right to get upset, sick, confused, hurt, disappointed etc...whatever. There are some really good photos at the same site. No, unfortunately I've never been to a concert. That is something I really hope to do...:heart:
    Hi!, :curtain:So it looks like your messages & friends area is rather...naked??? Is that by choice or something else?:smart:...
    The reason I'm contacting you is in regards to your question to me in the "Betty Confidential" thread:"where was Chris mad at Jonny, I haven't seen that...Is there a video?":huh:
    I haven't ignored you, and since there are sooooo many posts on that thread and it was a while ago, I decided to just leave you a personal message.
    1st of all, I saw this comment in the Tampa Concert postponed thread, which is also MASSIVE! I saw it on the day it was postponed which was the day OF the concert(possibly the day before), Aug. 9th...
    I've looked for it for quite a while and several times. :computer:It said that at the Charlotte (N.C.) concert either the night before or the one before that): Chris didn't seem his usual self. His voice was more nasal, and he didn't talk as much. When they started --------(name of song I can't remember, may have been the 1st of the evening) Chris stopped playing and said "oh Jonny boy you ____ it up! Don't put that on you tube"
    I looked through most of the vids on you tube and couldn't find it, which I guess was a good thing, out of respect for Chris' wishes.
    Since I wasn't there and didn't hear it myself, it is difficult to know in what "Spirit" it was said. But since he didn't want it on you tube I assume it was something for which he wasn't particularly proud & may have immediately wished he hadn't said.
    As for "Jonny boy," I would have imagined it was rather embarrassing. If it had been me in his place(have played in bands and other stage performances most of my life) I would have been crushed. But it "appears" to be water under the bridge, with no lasting effects, I hope.
    I haven't been a Coldplay fan for long but since April, I've made up for lost time. It just seemed a bit out of character for what I've seen on hundreds of vids, and interviews.
    Of course if he was sick, it would be understandable, or perhaps even on meds....My point was that it just stacked up as a bit disturbing, as it went to show his state of mind along with the other things I mentioned.
    Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been able to produce the actual post or a video, but, it was there. :glasses::shrug:
    Don't get me wrong, it doesn't change the fact that I am an extremely devoted Coldplay fan (particularly of Chris because he is the lead vocalist which is fascinating to me, & so beautiful inside and out)... All of them are. I would be devastated if they broke up...but I will always be a Coldplay fan, just as I am of The Beatles in spite of their break-up, and the fact that 2 of them have left the planet....:cry::vanish:
    Let's talk:operator:
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