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  • I moved your thread (The around the world game!) to the Lounge Games section, you can find it here.
    Well...all over. Tucsany is a must, but I want to go to Venice and Rome and I really want to have pizza in Naples (because that is where it originated) and other places as well. So...yeah! :D
    Not a ton. More than some people I know, though. I'm planning on saving up money to go to Italy in a few year. That will be quite fun. :D
    I do enjoy walking when it's cool and/or rainy, but I can't stand walking in the heat.
    I did a ton of walking last souring while I was in Israel. Each night it felt great to get off my feet and relax. It was a great experience though. :)
    Aw, thanks! I can't do anything really active without feeling as if I'm going die, though. Especially because I have a problem with my feet and the hurt like crazy when I'm standing/walking for too long. And I can't ride a bike for very long at all, so I find anyone who can, brilliant. :D
    Oh, interesting. :p I bake and cook and sew and draw and pretty much do anything creative like that. I also like putting together jigsaw puzzles, or any puzzle. I love riddles and word puzzles. Yup, that's about it. :D
    Well, yeah. I've never been to Africa or Australia or South America, but I have been to Israel, a few places in Europe, The USA and Canada, and some countries in Asia. So, what are some of your hobbies?
    Haha! Sounds good! Don't know when I'll be going to England next though...
    No, I'm not getting paid, but I need the cooking experience before I think about going to a culinary school, which is something I'm considering. But I'll try to make some money from making and decorating cakes for people. :D
    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention why I was in Thailand. Haha! My parents are doing work here and are gonna have a guest house, so I'm gonna help with a lot of the cooking and baking.
    Hahaha! Yes I am American. But I love cold and rainy weather. :p I don't really like to tan. I'd rather stay inside when it's hot. I went there last spring for a little over a week, and it was sunny the whole time. :confused: well, it rained for a bit one day. I must admit, I was a little disappointed.
    Awesome!! And haha, I did the same thing! I recorded practically my entire concert, but when I went back to watch them, I could just basically hear myself cheering, screaming & my shaky voice singing. :lol: Absolutely, beyond a doubt though, seeing my favourite band in the universe live was the most amazing experience of my entire life!! :dance:
    You don't know how badly I want to live in England. Maybe some day... : )
    Yes, I'm currently living in Thailand, though I'm originally from the United States.
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