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  • aww thanks :D I got her card today :)

    Have a great new year's eve and an awesome 2011 :awesome:

    Hugs! :hug:
    Merry Christmas, Alison! :nice:

    Hope you've had a wonderful day so far!

    Definitely see you next tour! :hug:
    Alison! It was so nice meeting you in Liverpool! :nice: Hope you got home safely and that you have a wonderful Christmas! :hug:
    Miss Smith!!

    How lovely to hear from you :nice:

    Aw, yeah I don't think they'll ever play Warning Sign again but more fool them :p

    That aside, the gig was just incredible wasn't it, maybe the best ever for me (lack of a Mr Jayzo apart, which was gutting :sad:)

    You met Anna?! She's great isn't she?! I spent a lot of time with her yesterday and today (as I do whenever I can!) so glad you guys hooked up :dance:

    Haven't caught up with the threads yet but hope there aren't TOO many of me dancing like the absolute loon that I am at Coldplay gigs up the front, but there are bound to be some :embarrassed:

    It's been far, far too long as I wrote. Am I going to have to travel to Liverpool to see you? I will if I have to!! (not sure if that's a threat or a promise! :p)

    Pete xxx
    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I have received your gifts in the mail yesterday and was absolutely ecstatic when I saw the package! I was a bit amused by the fact that you put Milky Ways and Snickers in there. I promise you, in North Carolina we are at no loss for those. :lol: I absolutely loved the post cards. Thanks so much! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you!
    Yeah, I was all :awesome: when I sae A-man's pics. They all look so happy, nothing implies those bad vibes people kept talking about last few weeks.
    And now I'm suppose to like you!!! You just can't do that. :p I was dying last night watching his pics, that hair. :dead:
    Hi.... :nice: :nice: :nice:
    I'm sorry :nice:
    But I was jealous of you, the setlist was amazing and they were on fire and for a second, but really just a second, I hated everyone who was there. Only for a second. :D


    Hey Als :) I'll reply your email soon, I have to go to school to sort some stuff and i'll do it before that. I heard the gig was awesome, so happy for you!

    have a great week!

    Miss Smith!!

    It has been far FAR too long!

    Do hope you're well and will have an amazing time tomorrow (know you will!)

    Please give Anna a big hug from me, and slap the band if they don't play Warning Sign :p

    Pete xxx
    Oooh you received it! :D You're welcome and I know it's nothing, I would have loved to send more but I had no idea what to send :/

    And I didn't know you spoke French :)
    Yeah!! I've been living in Mexico city ever since late august, it's weirdly great :D I think it was a needed change, I'm really enjoying my time here :dance: Oh, and don't worry, come december 16 I'll spend nearly a month back at home due to my school vacations... So more than plenty of time for it to arrive! :D
    Oohhh, it sucks that you've been so stressed at work, but try to focus on the bright side: you'll have coldplay+christmas holiday very soon! Hopefully the kids at your classes will behave the rest of the schooll term :whip:
    I missed talking to you :hug:, and I know mondays usually suck but I hope you have a great begining of the week! :kiss:
    Ohh, technical problems doesn't even get close to what I had with my computer... In the end they had to replace its hard drive, and I just got it in march! :confused:
    Hehehe, I still want to make some christmas cards for all of you, I just gotta find the time to make 'em :uhoh:
    Hope you're doing great, talk to you soon. Big hugs! :hug:
    Oh... I think I saw your vm a bit late :uhoh: I'm still sending cards to all the people I :heart: so.... You still got the same address, right? :braces:
    Hey :)

    If you have some time please check santa's private messages, there is a "card sent" pm from an european coldplayer :)
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