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  • LOL. Yeah, was thinking I'd kill the elimination part of it... Nobody seems to play those much anymore. Oh well. There is always Words With Friends on facebook when I get bored.
    LOL... I accidentally sent the wrong link. The game is in the releases section and has and elimination game too. No one in playing. I think I confused people though. I just wanted to know what 5 songs were peoples favorite out of all 5 albums. Not what their favorite were from each album. re: someone could pick all 5 songs from the same album. Oh well. Kind of figured In My Place and Swing would be choices from you. Loving DLIBYH, but MM is my favorite from MX. Yellow will always hold a special place in my heart, being the first song I heard from them.
    Yes, been coming on quite a bit lately waiting for MX to leak, be released etc. I will always love Coldplay, it seems. Loving the new direction actually. The uplifting vibe of the new tunes is something they needed badly if you ask me. I think MM and HLH are fantastic and really like ETIAW (even though others hate it.). Paradise is just ok for me. It will be one that I will skip quite a bit. Noticed you havent been on much. Hope you are not working too hard. Have you been listening to any of the new songs? What is your take?
    The link to the interview was no longer available. Dang it! The playlist looks great though. Some bands Ive not heard of on there. Love that they played Bring On the Dancing Horses! I really need to listen to BBC radio 1 more often. Going to make a habit of it, in fact. Love ya, Als!
    LOL! I see you twitter posts over there... I don't "tweet", but that was awesome! Going to eat now and will catch up with you soon. Have a great day at work tomorrow. xo j
    Hi Alison,

    Many thanks for the adorable card. I definitely will keep participating next year. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's yourself.
    Awesome lay out, by the way! I wonder how you could be all yellow too :) have a great new week!
    I wasn't my friend, but as good as thanks thanks to Jayzo (least we know he's good for something!! :p)

    I saw him tonight and we had a great night - out in Camden, and talked about coming up to Liverpool and Manchester in the Spring when he gets back from the States (though I'll invest in earplugs to keep the bad jokes out :p)

    Please please let me know anytime you're coming near London, it'd be so great to see you :)

    Pete (Mr Cox to you young lady!!) xxx
    Haha, OK, well maybe just tickets and tour dates that I can actually attend without drama, but nothing out of the ordinary anymore :p. I'd ask to be able to attend shows no matter what my CP karma was like, so I guess I don't feel too bad getting excited and worried about that!
    Thanks, Alison! :hug:

    I couldn't believe all three of them answered my question...I swear, I won't ask for anything in the Coldplay world for like three years because I don't deserve any more :p. They're such lovely guys, though :wacky:.

    I hope you have a lovely 2011 as well and that we have a chance to meet up again in the coming year...hopefully at another gig! :nice:
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