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  • Unfortunately not I think it can happen due to the long shipping...before, i waited for a order nearly 4 months. So,anything can happen :/
    Hi :D

    I'll do the same. Finally had some time to update my list. School will make me go crazy :bigcry:

    Have a good week dear elf :kiss:
    Hello! I sent my card, it is on it's way! :) I hope it comes at a proper time...well I am sure of that! :) Have a nice week and thanks a lot fot the reminder! :)
    Hi, sorry I totally forgot to tell I've sent my card! It's on it's way via Airmail. Thank you for the reminder, sorry if I've caused any trouble. Have a great day (or evening)!
    Thank you for the reminder! :nice: I'm glad to tell you that I finally sent it right this afternoon :D It took me a little while to make it because I was very busy during the last 2 weeks, but I made it! Thank you again, I love this initiative so much :)
    Hi Alison! :) Thank you for the reminder! I've already started my card and I think this Friday I will put it in the post office! I went there, a few weeks ago, and they said the card would be sent by airmail and would take around a week to get there, so I think it will arrive in time! I'll let you know when I send it :)
    I'll send my card on Monday. I'd like to buy a souvenir from Paris to send with the card and I must go to a tourist area for it tomorrow. No problem. :)
    I don't know :uhoh: I have 5 of them, I even sent them twitter messages if they had their twitter account linked to cping
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