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Jul 19, 2017
Sep 12, 2009
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November 29

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Livin' life in Technicolor, from Paris

Raphaele was last seen:
Jul 19, 2017
    1. AlbaCT42!
      Thank you so much!!! :nice:
    2. Til_Kingdom_Come
      sounds cool did you see the eiffel tower?
    3. Til_Kingdom_Come
      hi :) where did you go?
    4. Til_Kingdom_Come
    5. nancyk58
      Do you think that we could persuade the boys to play 42 and Daylight (via the Oracle)? That would be so cool.
    6. nancyk58
      How nice to hear from you.
      Yes, it would be nice to hear Amsterdam in Copenhagen - and preferably also 42, but I doubt that.
      You will be coming on Sunday 26 August. That is very good. That will give us some time to meet and see Copenhagen.
    7. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      Are you back from your mother's place or did you just manage to get online?
      Now it is only 18 days left before Coldplay in Copenhagen. I really look forward to both seeing you again and the boys.
      When you are back, please let me know more about your plans for your stay in Copenhagen.
    8. nancyk58
      Have a nice month with your mother.
      And contact me before leaving for Copenhagen.
    9. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      I have had a nice, quiet day. I have booked a small one-day travel to Odense and back again. I will visit a friend in Odense and we may see where H.C.Andersen was born.
      The entire week will be busy and nice: On Sunday - I am taking Rikke (horse-riding lesson lady, but riding school closed for 5 weeks) to the Copenhagen zoo on Sunday. Tuesday to Odense and back, Wednesday taking the other lady to a nearby shopping centre, Saturday taking Rikke to a nearby shoppin centre. Sunday going to southern part of Zealand with other girls to visit Karin (all girls the ones I am eating with once a month, but this time we are visiting Karin at her home).
    10. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,

      How are you? I am fine and about to have supper.

      I was in the garden and then back for a bath. Took a long nap, and now is time for supper. Have a nice evening.
    11. nancyk58
      I wonder about your school activities. I thought that the children had summer holiday. Or are you clearing up the messy class rooms during the holidays?

      Yeah, wait until next week - I am sure that the mess in the school rooms does not disappear by itself.

      I had a nice day with the new one- We went to the nearby shopping centre where I bought a new, red raincoat (I already have one, but it is too short - when it rains my trousers get wet where the raincoat ends and the hood irritates me). It all works much better with the new, longer raincoat that also has a hood. And we had coffee and a croissant each. Oh lala. C'est la vie. Vive la France. :thumbsup: :heart: Then we walked back. There had been a rainshower with thunder few minutes before, but we got back without rain. Very unstable weather here - indeed. Mostly cloudy with occasional showers and glimpses of the sun. But a wonderful day indeed.
    12. nancyk58
      It sounds like you had some good days as well.

      New furniture for your apartment sounds good - but hopefully not too expensive.
    13. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële

      How are you? I was worried wondering if you were allright as you were not much online yesterday, if at all. I was not much online either. I went to Ingrid's garden undoing weeds for 2½ hour and then home to watch something on TV. Then I cleaned my apartment (removing dust, vacuum-cleaning and washing the floors). It was a warm project - and I took my time. I ended with a nice bath.

      Today has been a nice day as well. I have just been to a nice job interview about a new one to escort to shopping centres and café visits and Tivoli visits as well. I will start with the new one tomorrow.

      Swedish Sofia (Vadette) is in London and was to meet Pete (Tonsu) in Seven Oaks. I sent her a text message suggesting that she made Pete call me - and he did. I spoke to both him and Sofia. It was so very nice indeed to hear their voices again.

      What about you?
    14. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,

      You must have a much deserved summer break. Until when?

      I have been visiting Ingrid in her garden and helping her undo weeds. Nice weather - sunny with some clouds and 22 degrees C.

      I hope that you are doing fine as well.
    15. laxwatcher
      My name is Aashray btw.

      Thanks for listening. Yes, it is pretty easy to figure out. I think it went pretty well, with all the fade ins and fade outs needed to make it seem as if it was one concert. Obviously the songs don't sound the same quality, but the transitions made you forget that the sound quality changed.
    16. yzachris
      Salut Raphaele :) merci ++++ j'espère que tu vas bien (vacances ça y est)
    17. nancyk58
      I'm sure that you will sleep well tonight then. Have a nice week-end
    18. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      How are you today? Hopefully fine.
      What is the weather like? Here it has been raining, but now it is cloudy and looking as if it may clear up for sunshine late in the afternoon / evening.
    19. laxwatcher
      Hi Raphaele,

      Haven't talked to you in a while. :) Well, I wanted to tell you that I have mixed a live album which includes the best versions (in my opinion) of each live song on the festival tour and this tour so far. I liked the flow of the studio album where songs went into the next song, so I tried to make it appear as if these were all from the same concert. I think I did pretty well (some transitions are not as good), but I would like to share it with you. If you want it, can you give me your e-mail?
    20. nancyk58
      Thank - I wish you a good week-end as well.
      Yesterday, my nephew celebrated his 30th birthday with a big and nice party - lunch with a lot of Italian dishes and 4 different cakes 1 of them a chocolate cake (our Jonny would have loved to be there - and Chris too, I am sure). And today I am about to leave for a friend's garden.
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