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Jul 19, 2017
Sep 12, 2009
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November 29

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Livin' life in Technicolor, from Paris

Raphaele was last seen:
Jul 19, 2017
    1. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      Glad that you had another good gig. Are you going to further MX gigs?
      I wish you a nice week-end.
      Here it is also colder - temps around 13-15 in daylight, and 5-8 degrees in moonlight, lol.
    2. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      I got the impression that you attended another amazing concert. How many concerts of the Mylo Xyloto tour have you been at? (I remember Copenhagen and know of Stockholm, Paris and Hannover).
      Annoying that there are not more reviews ready for translation because I had time today, but I am busy all Monday from early morning until at least 22 in the evening, and then I might be too tired. And Yoga Tuesday so leave at 10 o'clock so not much time - or they must use Google Translate, but it is far from a perfect solution. Maybe they can wait for my return.
    3. CAMR
      Hi there! How are you today?!
    4. CAMR
    5. nancyk58
      Then you might think of chocolate-loving Chris when sitting in it, lol.
    6. nancyk58
      Great - what colour?
    7. nancyk58
      And you must have a nice day off.

      Yep, it must be sad - but then we have all the posted videos etc. So we are not entirely without Coldplay.
    8. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      That sounds great with that gig on Saturday in Hannover. And tomorrow is your day off.
      I will take Hanny to my local cinema/library to watch a Danish film - a love story - as she had requested.
    9. Fraetes
      Hi! I just noticed on hayachris´ thread that You and me are going to have our 20th concert in Hannover! See You there!
    10. nancyk58
      I am looking for the links.

      Could you post one that works and is LIVE?
    11. nancyk58
      At what time are the boys entering the stage? Is it now?
    12. nancyk58
      Okay. You can read in the Munich thread tomorrow what happened.
      I might post some translations of Coldplay reviews as I have no plans for tomorrow.
    13. nancyk58
      I am leaving in 3 minutes for the little Wednesday job I have.
      Weather here: 16-18 degrees Celsius - a few days ago temps up to 25 degrees C. So same here with strange weather.
      Have a nice day off.
    14. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      How are you?
      I am fine - started YOGA today together with Annette - a friend of mine I met at YOGA 2 years ago.
      Do you have a day off on Wednesdays? Or has that changed with a new school year?
    15. nancyk58
      I'm fine and had afternoon tea and cake with my 2 neighbours. I am now looking on Coldplaying threads.
      Did you join the competition to win a signed 2013 Coldplay Calendar? I did. And I also voted for Coldplay to win the Q Award they are nominated for.
    16. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      How are you doing?
      I hope that last week was not too bad.
      Weather here: 18 degrees, mainly cloudy with glimpses of the sun inbetween. What about weather in Paris.
      I am going to watch the Paralympics Closing Ceremony from Danish DR HD. Are you gonna watch via livestream?
    17. nancyk58
      Hi, How are you?

      I guess school started again today. Was it nice to be back? I hope so.
      I have been to a fashion show where I live. The boutique owner had an extra ticket because someone had become ill - my luck - so it did not cost me anything.
      And I sent my review of the concert and some translations to Joana and her New Project.
    18. In My Cold Place
      In My Cold Place
      Hi Raphaele thank you for your help! :-)
    19. nancyk58
      Hi and thanks for your email.

      I am looking forward to seeing you again and to the Coldplay concert.
    20. nancyk58
      Hi Raphaële,
      Also a good week-end to you.
      I look forward to seeing you again.

      Let me have you flight schedule in a PM or email.
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