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  • :lol: Actually I've been thinking about making a sig that's a "story" using loads of Radiohead song titles, kind of like I did last year with Coldplay song titles. The Coldplay one I had last year was "Yes, I would walk Till Kingdom Come just to See You Soon in Amsterdam, even on a Rainy Day. But when we Talk you would just say that I Ran Away whilst suffering from Such A Rush of Blood to the Head. So instead I'll just sit amidst the White Shadows In My Place at the Strawberry Swing on Violet Hill and send you A Message on 42 Postcards From Far Away."

    I think I could make a really schweet one out of Radiohead songs.
    Pfft, trust me when I say that it's a good thing you reported it, it makes things easier for 'documentation'. Oh, if you only knew all the drama...
    Re: the frodo dude... remember there's always the lovely little "report post" feature; that way all the mods could have a nice little discussion about it. :sneaky:
    For me I guess I just felt that in dire situations any option should be used, but then it brings up too many loopholes that leaves everyone vulnerable. Also I guess part of me felt it was justified to do it since they want to kill us, don't care if they live or die and would do the exact same thing to me, but that's not a good way of thinking and if anything lowers me to their level of simplicity. And afterall two wrongs don't make a right.

    If we (the western world) are to lead the world, then I guess we should leave those old practices alone because we should be beyond that. And as it was mentioned people can say or make up anything. Like if someone was being tortured I'm sure they'd make up information just to make it stop.

    In the end it's better overall just to obtain information in other ways.

    All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not a government official that has to make any of these big life and death decisions.
    haha alright good night!

    I didn't do it to fit in. For me I didn't like the overall idea and was only for it initially for extreme cases, and also if people captured hate us citizens and are willing to kill us and themselves then it doesn't matter. However from the examples given and especially seeing the crimes at Abu Ghraib done just for the looks of a good joke it seems wrong completely and it isn't good to put ourselves down to that level, much as how I thought it was disgusting to see people celebrating Bin Ladens death they way they did although many people did the same thing when 9/11 happened.
    haha yeah I know... which is good because it just reinforces why your Beatles playlist was totally wrong to begin with :lol:

    but I still enjoy to see other peoples lists.

    haha... yeah I bet you as well as Alice and Chuck were. It was a long road to get there, but I couldn't take not being thought as moral or a being a hypocrite.

    Thanks! I appreciate your support [/heavy sarcasm]
    yeah... that's what I was planning. I've also thought about changing my song list around and adding Getting Better, Benefit of Mr Kite.

    hahaha yeah. I'm surprised not many people on the board listen to his music, I guess they just can't handle Beck's awesomness :p
    yeah... well I talked to Lore, she might do it. I'm going to offer it on the forum, but if no one does it in a few days I guess I'll do it.

    To be honest the only lists I'm really looking forward to is Beck, I'm interested to see your list as well as Jules and Alexa's.

    I've also been thinking about possibly doing that Beatles one over in case people want to get involved for it, but couldn't last time. Maybe when all of them are done.
    well i've been on the forum a bit and just posted since i saw you posted.

    also briggs isn't going to do the Arcade Fire top 10 song thing
    If I don't hear from the other mods within a half hour or so, I think you should do what you proposed and just start a new thread with the appropriate polling options; then I'll remove the other one.
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