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  • Thanks man! *scans over what they are*
    This looks like a great playlist! I've never listened to Papercuts or Tycho before. :surprised:

    Ahh I understand, when I first listen to a band I more so judge it on the vocals and if I don't like the vocals right away I can tend to just dismiss the artist.

    I'm well, hope you are too. :nice:
    Sure, and if you don't like them that's fine, a lot of people seem to get annoyed by Jonas Bjerre's voice and such. :p
    I'm really not good at this, I would suggest you go ask the people of the Mew thread.

    Though I bet they would just say Comforting Sounds, though I don't think it's the most beautiful but it's pretty good. :thinking:

    Perhaps White Lips Kissed, that's a good one.
    And it could just be me, but I find Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed kinda beautiful.

    I guess it depends on your definition of beautiful.
    That's lucky of you. I was so sad when I saw the news. :p

    Hmmm....I'm really not too sure, when you first listen to a band what do you look for in a song to like them?
    Whoa, a lot of really good artists. :surprised:
    I'm so mad that Mark Linkous killed himself, R.I.P Sparklehorse. :disappointed:

    Hmmmmm......Mew, Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire maybe?

    I would love another solo album from him.
    I would love love love to see more shows, who have you seen?

    That's awesome, let me know how that goes. :wacko:

    True, it would be better for them to quite while they're ahead than to release a crap album and not be important anymore.
    No, I've only seen Coldplay (and Howling Bells and Snow Patrol that opened for them)

    I really like Messenger so far! I'll listen so far and if I end up really loving it I'll let you know i want the album. :nice:
    Not right now though.

    My favourite goes back and forth between Kid A and In Rainbows.
    Oh boy, I'm a bit of a music freak so I'll try to just name a few umm...Mew, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, Yann Tiersen, The Knife, Bright Eyes *stops self before she lists 700 artists*

    I would love to hear it perhaps, especially if you get one you're proud of. :wacko:

    I hope they release another one too, what is your favourite Radiohead album?

    Yeah. <---super intricate reply haha
    It's completely fine, no worries. :nice:
    So you're in a band? And a writer? Would that mean you write for the band too? :p
    I love libraries. I would love my first job to be in some kind of music retail, but not too dealing directly with customers though as I'm a bit afraid of people haha.

    I used to be one of the biggest Coldplay fans there was, but I overplayed them so bad. I deleted everything off my mp3 player except Coldplay and listened to it nonstop all day for about a year.

    And you're a Coldplay fan I'm gussing. :p
    What other music do you like?
    Just in case that wasn't a mistake, it's TammI. Haha.

    It's 6:14 PM here, I've been up for like 12 hours already.

    Nice, I'm pumped for exams to be over, I only have one during exam week this semester.

    Gosh, I love how I'm not allowed to tell a bunch of this information. :tongue:
    So, I won't tell you what year I'm in but this year I've got pretty much the lot and then french, computers, dance :)sick:), and art.
    Next year I've got geography, AP Math, accounting, computer sciences, french, gym, english, science and social studies I think. Yay. I'm thinking of one day being either working with statistics or data entry.

    Haha, how about you?
    Yes, you do!

    I hope it's not a problem if we talk on here, it may sound strange but I'm not allowed to private message.

    Nice to meet you by the way Greg, you seem like an interesting person. My name is Tammi, if you care. :nice:

    I'm pretty lovely, except not excited for school tomorrow, it's never really been something I enjoy. Also, I am a bit disappointed as it's supposed to thunderstorm today and it hasn't yet.

    What time is it where you are? :surprised:
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