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  • I know I fell into this trap about a million years ago on the chelsea chat forum and am now stuck with a stupid name :)
    Loved the polarbear "with a hangover"! :lol: Hope you don't mind, I posted it on Aurelie's wall here at cping :p
    Hi Kimmi! I saw you're coming to the boat trip next week! It's gonna be nice to meet you after we missed each other at the TP gig ;-) See you there :kiss:
    no, but i've got other albums from them & they have full booklets. it'd be weird if for some reason they each had an album that was just a simple paper thing. :thinking:
    anyway, Tower Records was big so they had a wide selection of music in general. HMV's like Tower Records. just that the one in Orchard Road is spread out on 3 floors so they've probably got the widest selection.
    :disappointed: Do you know what the full inner sleeves for those albums are?
    Yeah! I remember going to a mall and asking where Tower Records are and it wasn't there anymore. :lol: What did Tower Records have, actually?
    I suppose Malaysians don't really buy CDs... Download, perhaps? But even then, most of them listen to the mainstream hip-hop stuff and Bieber... Not that I hate Bieber.
    I have yet to go Singapore. :shame: Gosh, I keep hearing about HMV, is it that good? :wacko:
    Hmm... I have Mika's 2nd album, Malaysian edition, but the booklet is pretty thick. Contains pictures and stuff. How are the imported ones like? :wacko:
    They do actually, but not a lot. The less known ones can't exactly be found. I suppose we could order it from the counter... :\
    :lol: Guestlist. :wacko:
    Wow! That's cheap. :surprised: I should think it's imported, most imported CDs are more expensive. I wish there are cheap deals over here. Other than the Malaysian Edition CDs. :disappointed:
    So cheapppp! RM20 concert woots.
    RM200 is average I guess. :\ I haven't been to a gig before. :shame:
    Yeah. We're kind stingy haha. It's that expensive? Just to see Glambert? :wtf: I don't even think he writes his own songs.
    Some CDs can be expensive. I want one CD at the moment and it costs around RM64. Averagely a CD would cost from RM40-RM50, and my allowance is RM50. :\
    Zomg. :wreck:
    Good grief. That's expensive. Really expensive. Yeah, tickets sold overseas seems to sell out really fast. Unlike here, ahahaha.
    How much does a U2 gig cost, the ticket prices as in?

    The song is soooooo Timbaland! I'm neutral towards it though. :wacko:
    Hey, I'll reply tomorrow okay? It's 2am here now. If I don't respond to it, please remind me. :nice:
    Btw, I just thought of this. You like both U2 and SP, and SP supports U2 live. Does that mean you get to see both bands if you go to a U2 gig? :wacko:
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