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  • I understand. Travelling must have been great, though. Chile? wow. What was that like?
    Totally. Even the good songs hold up bad because of it.
    Nah, it's just like high school w/ music. I have all the normal classes I need to go to uni+ music. You can do the same with dance, drama and sports.
    Yeah, I can see that. Did you go some place else, or just not spend that much time online? That sounds really fun :)
    Exactly! I was hoping it would sound a bit like Christmas Lights. Apparently the two songs with that kind of style were part of the album they scrapped in favor of Paradise, which just makes me sad. A lot of the songs are good, they're just soooo sugar coated :\
    Music in general. Theory etc.
    Yeah, so what's up with that? What've you been up to.
    Nah, not a big fan. It's a not really bad, but it disappointed me.
    I'm good :) I've started high school studying music. Basically, yeah.
    Oh wow. That SUCKS. How do you lose a laptop??? Haha.
    Yes; my name is indeed Pieta. :)

    Yeah; I agree, it gets insanely depressing, but when you look past it all, it's breathtaking, and you get incredibly used to it.
    Summer was great. Although I didn't do a thing, I got to relax, which was all I needed.

    I haven't been able to write at all since school started, so I'm just trying to maintaain my grades I held up for the past 3 years. :\

    Hmm...favourite bands...Well, we both know that you and I both have an undeniable amount of love for Coldplay, but I have a lot of others includinggg...

    *The Beatles (hence, my avatar)
    *Deas Vail
    *The Killers

    etc, etc. Yourself??
    :wacky: One of those stereotype thingies?
    Sounds awesome :wacko: Jazz clubs and all, just ahh! :bomb:
    Of course, I'm Norwegian :dozey:Just not downhill, I'm terrified of anything that's fast.
    Vermont :D Yeah, they're local guys, look nothing like them, but sound almost perfect. Great fun. The bass plaer is in Scrubs, if you know that....
    Allright then, stay somewhat in touch :swesome:
    WOW !
    that sounds awesome !! :wideeyed:
    Space school ?:surprised: awesome !
    and Wow New Zealand , I didn't know that was a ski country ! :p

    My summer was great !:nice:
    I went on a trip to the USA for 3 weeks , went to my granddad in France and I did 4 festivals ... and also a 'camp' with a" youthgroup"
    ... (but I dunno if thats the right English word :p)

    soooo , no I didn't make any progress starting a band :disappointed:
    I also did a bit of 'jaming' when I was in France , but it was olny one night ...

    shippping for a guitar ?
    You can take it with you on the airplain ...
    I took my guitar along to the Usa :rolleyes:
    The whole trip ! :D

    :freak: How was the concert ? Great I suppose ? :awesome:

    I'd say go for the Gibson, but they're pretty expensive :\
    and :wacky: that so cool that that's your last name !

    EDIT : How come that I don't have to split my message ? :thinking:
    :surprised: Wow, what was Space School like? That was in Houston, right? :thinking:
    That's sounds, really, really great :wacky: Downhill, right? I love skiing.

    Was ok, went to the States and went to a few concerts. Including 2 Butties (Beatles tribute band) concerts :awesome:

    Yeah, you said you were going in The Beatles thread :cheesy: How was it? What did he play? Does he still have it?
    I would never unfiend you <3

    You know, life.. no computer .___.
    BUUUTT my laptop is coming today!.. im in a library >___>
    I love Calgary. We were actually thinking about moving there, but Vancouver was closer to my relatives down in the US.
    And that's good that you have friends who support you 100%, along with your dream. :) And it's really neat that you wanna be a musician. I have been playing the piano for about 7 years, and my teacher encourages me to take it on as a profession, but it's just for my own enjoyment. But in reality, I want to be a writer/director. ;) Dunno how that'll work out.

    My brother and my music interests is like Clark Kent is to Lex Luther- it just doesn't work.

    I don't even know what he's into...basically anything that's "in." He downs all my bands and says "classic music sucks." *GASP!* Eh.... :\

    ;) Idk, sad to say it, but truthfully, I'm my own best friend.
    It's just perfect. What's your favourite song on it? Yeah, the artwork's probably one of the beset ever aswell.
    Oh, guess that looks very nice. Yeah, I've been playing acoustic guitar for a few months now.
    Which kind do you play?
    :eek: Another thing in common!
    But school here isn't out yet :disappointed:
    I like your statement of 'music' a lot ! :cheesy:! I think I'm gonna quote it :)

    I totally get you , I really want to start a band , but I can't find a male singer and a drummer , because I only listen to male vocal-music ...

    I have a classic guitar , I used to play that and take lessons for it , but I quited , I wanted to play chords ...
    I also have an unknow-brand electric and acoustic guitar , (very cheap,but good to start with 2 years ago:))
    This year I bought an Epiphone ES-335 Cherry , it the same as Noel has :D, but he's got the Gibson model of that (and 355) ,wich is way more expensive than Epiphone
    And a Epiphone EJ-200 , acoustic guitar , The same as Noel used to play with , it the one he's holding on the cover of definitely maybe :D :rolleyes:
    It's Noel favorite acoustic guitar , he now uses it almost always , but Gibson model.
    Oh, and :cheesy: <<<:lol:
    Oh, yes, Yossi :lol: He's pretty funny.
    :\ No, it's a book/radio/tv series from the 70's and 80's by Douglas Adams :awesome: They made a movie a few years back which is crap, it's made after he died.
    Famous for having the meaning of life as being 42, for the advice: Don't Panic!, and for Marvin, the Paranoid Android :D
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4P3pvKmbsg&NR=1"]YouTube- Hitchhikers Guide - Marvin waits millennia getting depressed[/ame]
    Great british humor :laugh3:

    I just saw Across The Universe and was dissappointed :\ So many clichees :bigcry:

    I play piano/keyboards and a little guitar :D
    :( school?
    Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you. I usually don't post much until the weekends. I usually just lift on my own. I have never had a trainer, but I've picked up most of the basics over the years. I am going light right now because I have a bit of a back injury. It's sometimes hard to find the motivation because I'm not doing it for sport like you. That's interesting about your skiing. It sounds intense.
    Oh that would be amazing. One of their tribute concerts came to my city, but of course, the parents denied. . .*sigh*

    You're lucky to have friends like that. My friends are really odd with their music. A few will only listen to rap; nothing else- or anything that is popular. It's like...eh. I don't know. One of them blew up in my face the other day b/c I started crying when all of my songs on my itunes wouldn't "locate," causing me to not get tghem on my new ipod. :/ There is only so much rap I can stand, and I absolutely HATE country music. It's repulsive. ;) bahahaha

    I was born in Bath, England but we moved to Vancouver in Canada about 3 years ago. How about you?
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