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    It's clear: "Paradise" - made for new, not old fans

    I'd rather be bored than listen to this mainstream shit. Edit: Very well said dear :heart:
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    The Strokes

    I'm in love with the cover of the Cars they did with Jarvis Cocker! They were really good at Reading :nice:
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    The Black Keys

    Damn it, they're coming to France in january but in the middle of the week D: Anyone has already seen them live here? :nice:
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    The Beatles

    Really looking forward to this movie! I've been so obsessed with them lately, even started to play guitar and piano so I could play some songs :} I also bought a few vinyls <3
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    Vinyl Freaks and Geeks

    Here are mines! Vinyls are really beautiful and I love their sound, wish I'd have enough of them to entirely cover my walls :wacky: I have a turntable but it's so old I can't plug it :|
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    Bon Iver

    So beautiful <3
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    New Coldplay eh?

    Musical diarrhea. Acoustic record my ass!
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    The Damon Albarn thread.

    I HATE RAVENS.. but this picture is cute :} Oh yes solo album pretty please! I agree about the trailer, this is really interesting! Aaand I'll leave this here for you Liz --> :heart:
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    The Strokes

    Thanks hun! Your vid is really cool as well! Love how you can't actually hear Julian xD And I totally agree with what you said about festivals! I'd rather see my favorite bands at their own gigs though :nice: Your vids are so great! The sound is really clear too, especially Julian's voice...
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    Arcade Fire

    So jealous! You canadian people are too spoilt when it comes to Arcade Fire.. oh wait :wacko: Have fun! And send kisses to Richard for me :charming:
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    The Strokes

    Yeah you're right, just had a look at the length of their songs and they all last about 3 minutes, I guess all the difference is there, cause a 19 songs set is pretty normal to me :nice: Actually FIOE is my least favorite album by them, I just wish they have played Heart in a cage or Ize of the...
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    Haha I guess she was bending or something. Hey now we've met indirectly :O
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    ^Tame Impala <3 The Beatles Arcade Fire The Strokes Bon Iver The National