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  • Hey!
    Always look at your avatar and a smile don't leave my face, you and Damon are so cute))
    where did you meet him?)
    :p Haha you don't have to stop if you don't want to....or can't...charming:
    Yah! I didn't realize you watch it too. I love it. :wacky:

    Yah, same with me! I pretty much never go into the Lounge anymore, and the Cp section rarely, I mostly talk to people with vms and go to the entertainment section but I don't stay long.
    Nice! Summer break is the best. I'm on it too, except mine's kind of almost over. D: I start school again on August 24th.
    Gig speaking? You mean like which concerts have I been to? Well most recently I saw a short Foster the People set in a local record store, but other than that the last gig I went to was Lady Gaga in April. So it's been awhile since I've really seen anything. But that will be made up for in September cause I'm going to ACL music festival. :D How about you?
    he is one of the getting-older-but-still-good looking celebrity. what are they doing or eating I have no idea :D
    I'm gonna be done with school in 2 years, but I will officially be a doctor in four. I still have to do the internship thing and social service D:
    I'm taking pneumology as well!! And cardiology too, first time ever. I'm very fucking excited! :D

    I post everywhere, but rarely, it's too deserted/boring D: I've lost so much interest.
    hello there :D That person in your avatar is a celebrity?? Because I recognize him from somewhere but his name is not come to my mind. agh!
    I've been on vacation since May =D Going back in a month. Like, when do you finish it all for good? I'm starting 3rd year (of 4).

    New? Nothing really I guess, I barely post D:
    Loooong time no talk !!! :shame:
    Comment ça va? J'ai commencé mes partiels le jour de ton dernier message donc j'ai évidemment pas répondu pdt cette période et ensuite j'ai pas mal délaissé cping ces derniers tps j'avoue! Mais j'ai tout comme l'impression que je ne suis pas la seule hein? :tongue:
    Trop tard pr te souhaiter la bonne année aussi mais l'intention y est haha !
    Demain je passe mon entretien de sélection (en anglais) pr partir en Angleterre par Erasmus l'an prochain, je suis trop en stress :bigcry:. Croise les doigts pr moi si tu vois ce message avant demain midi !
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