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    Haha, I don't have school today so that's good.

    I'm okay I suppose. :|

    What have you been listening to lately? :surprised:
    and me, oh well... I'm fine and healthy too, maybe a little eating too much and not doing any excercise and start to feel like getting fat... Maybe I'm talking like a girl but it's true. :lol: Anyway... I reciently finished my last semester at uni, and I'm just waiting to graduate in October. Right now I'm kind of working as a laboratory teacher and helping a professor in her research in another university, it's weird I must tell, because I never really had a serious job before, but I think I'm happy. Besides that I'm quite of reflecting about my life and my future years. Still have not a clue of what to do, but we'll see. :wacko:
    afraid of talking to people? to open up to people?
    you mean what you expressed in this thread, right?
    if that's the case you shouldn't feel this way! It's also hard for me to make new friends I must admit and my advice to you would be to just give it a time and not really worry about this, you'll eventually make new friends on your new class. All starts are kind of akward. :smug2:
    Haha, I'll so do that. :p Or probably not.

    For some reason I knew you would, haha.
    It's probably one of the most wonderful there is. :p

    Did your school get out before mine did though? We could have had the same amount of break. :shrug:
    Good luck, that is too soon. :freak:
    MAJA. :heart:
    Yeah, I know what you mean.
    I've actually been afraid of getting old lately I think, I can't stand the thought that I'll be elderly one day because for some reason I can't stand really old people. :uhoh: Shame on me.

    I don't know how I've been, confused I guess. :lol:
    Been trying to figure out what it is I like and all that, I'm a bit lost I think. :freak:
    I just discovered how amazing I think Regina Spektor is, and I think having that to obsess over is filling up that gap. :wacko:

    I am a bit happy to start school, it gives me things to think about other than myself and things like that. I worry way too much and such. I start on the 7th of September. :wacko:
    This year's schedule is my favourite I've had, haha.

    I think I've been hating people more and more every day. :uhoh:

    It's good to hear that you're great, I guess I'm pretty good too still. :heart:

    Haha, well we are twins. :charming:
    So how are you doing?

    I've been listening to The Knife and stuff a lot lately, I feel like you. :lol:
    haha lite omöjlig...hmm hur kan jag snacka med dig isåfall : O?...då facebook och msn inte funkar : O?
    lugnt att du inte gillar coldplay så mycket längre. men jag kommer för alltid vara ett die hard fan !
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