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  • to be honest your answer made be a BIT angry...LOL.
    im not a coldplaying noob anymore.
    we better stop coming here and focus much more on our real lives, cause this is useless. :)
    goodbye and good luck!
    you know im not here every minute every second of my life i also have business to do, i didn't come here since 6 months...

    take care of yourself.

    ohh yayy congratz for the job. you'll have money now. lucky you! ^^
    btw i'll maybe annule the concert, cuas ei just saw the planning of this semester exams and they're in the same week as muse. :( i'm hoping i won't have an exam on friday 11th.

    and wooow cool you're taking the driving license. really awesome! i want it too, but no money even with my scholarship it's not possible, maybe next year.

    you don't eat enough and you don't feel like hungry, heyyy take care of yourself ok. don't be too thin. :p

    i've finished the exams of the first semester of my 2nd year and on monday i'm starting the new semester.

    hope you're doing fine. :)
    hey Ravi! :)
    ohh interview for what? good luck anyways.

    yes i've talked about Pearl Jam. they have nice songs. :)
    anytime, it wasn't that hard to do, no need to thank. :nice:
    fortunatelly it wasn't him!! so that brother didn't ask you from who is the letter? :p
    and yeah i tried to put as much i can butterflies, it's a nice souvenirs from coldplay gigs.
    ohhh your mum is like mine, fortunatelly i've put them in a secure place where no one can find them. :D
    i'm lad you like it, i couldn't send the cd without a letter, it's not polite.

    humm i'm doing fine, i passed my exams i'm on holidays right now since half december til febrary, :sonfused: i'm soo bored.

    and ohh yes, i'm seeing Muse on the 11th of june. this makes me feel happy everyday.

    what about you? except job, how are you going?
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what a big surprise!!
    you made my day. :nice:
    i thought you disappeared. :p
    i don't even remember what i wrote into the letter! :lol:
    fortunatelly you recieved it, i was worried. :)
    ok then i'm waiting my friend to hear from you.
    i'm so sooo happy to see you really. :nice:
    talk to you soon!
    Happy 2010, have a great year.
    Best wishes.
    make each day be full of joy.

    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...\ /...
    ohh hey, hopefully you'll take a break one day :lol:

    humm shae i still didn't send you the cd, i was too busy, guess i will do this later, cause today starts the vacations :D
    finally i needed them

    see you around soon and good luck with work :)

    PS: i'm listenning to so much radiohead, i'm loving it :drunk:
    yeah they went well actually
    still there are others :dozey:
    Ten by Pearl Jam

    ok as soon as my internet will be back we'll try it, these days i really don't know what to listen, i'm tired of the songs i already have

    you realised it in bad hahaha, too late
    :laugh3: :laugh3: kekoko :laugh3:
    it was keikoku but nevermind

    i prefer ze_scientist so far :D
    hahaha :D hey

    yeah it is because of my parents and i also have uni that day and i had an exam :\
    yeah i like pearl jam, i checked them on youtube and i loved some songs
    they're cool

    hope your family will make their mind and have internet at home
    nowadays without internet we can do nothing :p

    cya :)
    ohh my friend is back for 2 mins
    jk :hug:

    it's ok about the messages, don't give it a shit as we say :p
    hum, you saw my sig... haha
    don't worry i'm not crazy, i know this not a proof, but believe me i'm honest

    and what money are you talking about??? :confused: i don't want money, pay, pay who??
    ohh come on, i want to give it to you, not to sell it
    i just want nothing back please or i'll be in troubles
    will explain you more via PM oK :)

    what else? oh yeah your brother, why you didn't go with him?
    i'm so jealous about it, muse are in france in 7 days, but i won't go of course... :\

    so you're having internet for soon? :)
    ohh ok i understand now,
    you removed house? finally!

    it reminds me, still wanna that LRLRL CD?
    if you don't want (= can't accept it for some reasons, i totally understand).
    but i'm ready to send it to you anyway :p

    hehe btw Tunisia won the match and soon France will play with Ireland.
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