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    Hannibal (TV series)

    I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. WOW that's awfularious. (I just made up that word but it kinda works.) And I'll have HannaWill sandwich ANY DAY pretty pretty please with a cherry on top.
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    Make your own Origami star [according to Target video]

    postcards from far away project origami stars project... thoughts?
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    Fargo (TV series)

    Yes, he is. Of the many "American accents" that exist, he was speaking in an extreme-northern-midwest voice. It is basically the same as a Canadian accent. The further north in Michigan you go, the more it sounds like that. :lol:
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    What made you LOL today?

    my cat gently tapping her paw on my arm when she thinks I'm not petting her enough
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    Concerts/Artists you have seen/Are planning to see

    I know it's a bit old-school, but I just got tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in October.
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    Fargo (TV series)

    AW JEEZ... Starting April 15 on FX, awesome cast... discussion to follow! imdb info
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    The Walking Dead

    My jaw dropped when Rick pulled that walker-on-nom-nom move, and remained dropped when he was stabbing that dude over and over again. How you could see that he gutted the guy by lifting up the knife, then you heard the repeated stabbing afterward, ugh. I couldn't believe that was allowed on TV...
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    Coldplay photomontages/art

    thank you Batman :wacky:
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    The Walking Dead

    Oh and for anybody who didn't watch this week's Talking Dead, Carol was one of the guests and she was talking about that scene at the table with Tyreese. There were puzzle pieces on the table, and her and the other characters had been tinkering with the pieces throughout the episode. Shortly...
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    The Walking Dead

    I think Daryl and Rick need to find each other and make beautiful DaRabies together
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    Hello to everyone!

    Hello, welcome! I like your avatar... are you a big fan of Breaking Bad?
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    Justified, anyone?

    Okay this thread is older than I thought it would be, but... anybody else watching this right now?
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    The Walking Dead

    Did you not know before that she did it?