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  • Congratulations on seeing Muse next month!! :dance: You will be absolutely amazed by this tour, I assure you! :dazzled:
    And yes, I have had the honour of seeing Coldplay live once, on June 22nd of 2012! It was one of the best days of my life!! :heart: Have you ever seen Coldplay live? :)
    Hi! :) And oh yes, I ADORE Muse! I actually got to see them live twice this past March! :dance: They were the most amazing concerts I've ever been to! :dazzled:
    So yes, I'm a huge Muser and Coldplayer!! :heart:
    I totally agree. I wasn't just crazy over T2L at first either, but the more I listened to it, I ultimately bacame truly obsessed with it and ended up just adoring ALL the songs!! :heart: My favourite track? That would have to be Explorers...that was the first song on the album that just immediately grabbed me and that I continue to love even more every time I hear it. What's your favourite track? :)
    Awesome! :awesome: And thank you...I have a slight (okay yeah maybe huge :laugh3:) obsession with Chris Wolstenholme. :shy: Especially since hearing the masterpieces of Save Me and Liquid State. :wacko: What do you think of The 2nd Law? :wideeyed:
    Hey there I'm sorry for the randomness of this post, but I couldn't help but notice your user title being "Coldplayer and Muser" and therefore couldn't help but post on your wall to applaud your supreme taste in music!! :awesome: :laugh3:
    hey. sorry if i replied late. but yes i love Muse. probably my second favorite band! i'm going to see them 2 times in concert in January. so excited!
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