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  • Hi. I'm good. What about u? :) I'm from Lithuania, I was visiting Czech last summer. Yeah, I know it's very beautiful in Slovakia ;)
    Oh really? What did you see? :thinking:
    Thanks! Well it can be fun, yeah, but to have that fun you have to organize sooooo many things... We have to find a crew, to cast actors and to take all of them to a forest and a hospital for 3 days! The real fun for me will be editing :lol:
    Cool, I've got holidays too next week!! But I'm going to shoot this movie for school... The holidays are going be harder than school :( :lol:
    Good luck for your last days ;)
    Thank you, no problem!! And if you've been busy you should use your free time to relax... ;) Have a nice (end of the) day too!
    PART 9

    Santa-I saw your card too!!! I hope you liked the German chocolate, they are usually pretty good at this... ^^
    I made an iPhoto card :nice: I took a picture of the band and Simon Pegg playing Jingle Bells in London with a red Christmas theme... So the card was red, and when you opened it, there was a huge black Christmas tree drawn on the left side of the card. It was all red with a black tree, so I took a white correction fluid and wrote «VIVA» with the «I» into the black tree :D :D That was a cool thing to do ^^ Do you have any news of your card? Mail can really suck sometimes :(

    Have fun in the next few days, see you soon!!!!
    PART 8

    Apple- So did you see that Steve Jobs is on sick leave? I hope this isn’t bad news, even for the economy... I don’t know how much he influences on all the products and on the whole team’s spirit, but I’m pretty sure that the other guys can do great stuff on their own.
    Did you hear that a keynote could happen on February 1st, with iPad 2? I’m really looking forward to this. I won’t buy any iPad because it’s really too expensive «for what it is», but I’m in a kind of iPad period :D I have to say that it is a veeery cool product :D :D :D
    About the App Store, yes it’s a bit empty right now but I thought it would be even more empty, so I’m actually really surprised! I immediately downloaded a Klondike game - it was the only thing I missed from Windows :lol: I also saw an antivirus software, but I thought we were sheltered on Mac... What do you think, would it be a good thing to install it?
    PART 7

    Sports- Hahahaha :laugh3: But that’s a good thing sometimes... We don’t spend huge money going to London for example to see some random stuff in 2012, just to say we were there!! -True story, a guy in my family is going to do this :p- So ice-hockey?? I would have never guessed that... I remember how in Montreal they were very into it too. They almost all had flags of their team on their cars -even firefighters- and they were pretty crazy at night when they had won a game. The next morning, instead of showing the lines numbers and all that stuff, the buses’ screens had «Well done Canadians» written on them :p
    I have to say that the spirit seemed to be better there than in France with football. Most of the supporters are complete assholes :facepalm: They don’t respect anything and they can be very violent. If they continue like this the army will soon have to supervise the Paris VS Marseille games... :facepalm:
    PART 6

    Coldplay - They should TOTALLY do that! Maybe WikiLeaks could find something for us? :shrug: :lol: I’ve discovered some unreleased tracks very recently... Ladder to the sun, The Dubliners, SOLID GROUND (!!!!!!) are so awesome :freak:
    I’m back into a fanboy moment right now :p :p :p All those news and all those festivals coming... LP5 HAS to be close now... They’re even coming to France, that’s killing me... If only they could go to some festival near Paris or some place I know :p

    Elections - thanks!!!! ^^

    Smiley- Haha yeah the o_O one! I usually do it like this : Oo
    It’s pretty much the same thing as this one : :freak: It’s usually a «what the fuck» smiley. Some surprised people make that funny face with an eye bigger than the other one ^^ On another french forum there’s someone who always makes ununderstandable smileys... she must be the only one to get it... Like >w< :shrug:
    PART 5

    Titanic : Well I was 7! And if I remember correctly, it was the very first one. Actually I don’t think so but it’s the first cinema remembrance that I have, that's for sure. You’re right about the grown up thing, I think that’s exactly it. My dad warned me, I remember it very well - «there are people dying in the movie. they’re looking like monsters but don’t be afraid, it’s just a movie». And with the word «monster» I started expecting something like green aliens with 8 eyes... So a few white make up to make the people look frozen wasn’t that bad after all :p But hey even if it is on 3D (and it can be really bad :worried:) I can’t wait for it to come back in cinemas next year!!!! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait! :cheesy:
    Well that was a pretty long monologue about movies... Sorry for that ^^
    PART 4

    I found no interest in that last one. :shrug: And the 3D just pissed me off... the worst I’ve ever seen... I took my glasses off, very quickly, and it was better without :facepalm: But Even The Rain is an awesome one!! If you can watch it, please don’t hesitate ;) I have to see the last Eastwood too, even if it doesn’t seem that good... I loved Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino but Invictus was already a bit disappointing...
    I thought Country Strong was going to come out this month here but, no, it looks like it has been pushed to March. :dozey: I can’t get enough of Me & Tennessee, such an awesome song! :awesome: Very Chrismartin-ish!
    Cate Blanchett - I havent seen that much movies with her, but she is everytime quite memorable :) LOTR, Indy 4, Babel (awesome movie, right?? :p) I still have to see the curious case of BB...
    PART 3

    That’s usually very funny, like Joey trying to learn french in Friends or the Lost survivors trying to understand what a french woman says... You feel like a superhero, knowing what they don’t know ^^ It makes original versions even better :D :D :D ^^
    I’ll add Love Actually to my list! It sounds great! :) I love all the British humor... especially the Monty Python... And I saw Shaun of the Dead yesterday for the 4th time :laugh3: I have to see Death at a funeral!!!
    Horror movies- I saw a few of them because when we rent a movie, it’s the only kind of movie that can please to whole family. Odd, isn’t it? :p My first one was The Ring, by Gore Verbinski. It just traumatized me (and it still does :p). If you wanted to, DON’T GO TO JULIA’S EYES!! It was SO bad, I couldn’t believe it. There were a few good scenes, but it’s... well... not scary. :freak: I was really disappointed, by that and by The Green Hornet.
    PART 2

    You’re right, I’ll send Jamie a mail! If you need my help for anything I’d be really glad to try!!!
    I have to see the first CTV show now :)

    TV Shows & Movies - I just can’t get enough of Six Feet Under. :freak: It’s like taking all my time :freak: I don’t watch any other show, or even any movie (and I have to see some quickly!)... I don’t even post on Coldplaying right now because of it :freak: :freak: :freak: This HAS to end very quick, it makes me feel really guilty :p But I’ve got only 2 seasons left :p After that I’ll probably start Boardwalk Empire, I can’t wait to see how it looks like :)
    I never saw Desperate Housewives! And... I’ve never seen a Poirot... shame on me... ^^ I guess I saw a Death on the Nile film, but that’s all. The french accent must be cool, I should take a look :D
    PART 1

    HI! I’m glad you had a funny first school day ^^ That’s just the best kind of stuff that can happen on a school day ^^ Better than the Fire Alarm!
    It looks pretty huge if you made it to the news!!! My mom is a teacher and her school has sometimes a bomb alarm too but they don’t even make it to the local news :lol:
    Maybe I told you this but on the last semester somebody came into our classroom one morning and said that everybody had to go home because there were violent people breaking stuff at the other end of the campus... It was during the whole huge strike thing... We learned later that nothing had really happend :dozey: They panicked for nothing... But we had our day off!!!!

    CTV- Once again, very well done!! I really loved it. You did amazing things : I love the part between Violet Hill & the iTunes ad, with the feeling of going through the paintings... it’s just O-M-G! And you did the banners too!! Congrats! Do you use Photoshop?
    haha, it's alright, I just saw you post somewhere and thought I'd stop by :p
    That sounds fun. :wacko:
    Not really. :shame:
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