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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    ^^ agree with you you should see them live, and maybe you will change your mind :nice:
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    Last Album that you bought/acquired?

    editors - racing rats single
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    well my prediction is, when the single sells great that they will become mainstream. like snow patrols chasing cars. not that i want to compare these two songs, but i have this certain feeling. but if it's not the case, i think the single will not be in the top 40 ... because it's one of the...
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    no they haven't played it live so far. but i am sure that they will play it on their european tour (well i hope hehe :P) in my opinion it was not a great idea releasing this song. :confused:
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    Concerts/Artists you have seen/Are planning to see

    hmmmm for this year: Editors (2) The Boxer Rebellion Arctic Monkeys The Coral and some festivals
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    The Boxer Rebellion

    *mega bump* i saw them on tuesday as support act with editors!!! they are just fantastic!!! who else likes them? :cool:
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    the show was AMAZING!!! i also met the band :cool:
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    Favourite song of the day?

    feist - 1234
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    We Are Scientists

    it's true >
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    yeaahhh next week, next week!!! :happy::blush::ears::sunny::guitarist::dance:
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    that's for sure :cool:
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    oh you didn't get a ticket? that's sad because they are amazing live :nice:
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    ***The official "Editors" thread***

    you took this picture? wow that looks really professional! my best pic from my last eds concert: not the best picture of tom, but i like it :nice: