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  • Hmm, I guess that's true.

    Wow, that's very close. :surprised: That must of been painful if it had actually hit you in the face.

    Indeed, although here the snow has completely gone. :sad: But we're apparently getting snow storms tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully a white Christmas for me too. :awesome:
    That would have been amazing if they played them both nights! :awesome:

    Haha, that is so cool! How did he manage to smack you in the face with his bass? :lol:

    Yeah, hopefully the weather will start to improve. :D

    Haha, but I've been waiting to see B&H for so long, it use to be my all-time favourite song!

    Yeah. :D That's cool you got to meet them! Me too, I'm going to wait awhile when I see them both in Feb.
    Yeah, it sucks really. :\ Norwich City's football stadium, which is 26,000 capacity, is going to start holding concerts, so that should be good. :D

    Haha, but I'm jealous as you got to hear Butterflies and Hurricanes night 1. :bomb:
    Meeting him was abit of luck really, I was waiting out side in the queue, and saw him walking past looking at the fans queuing! No one noticed him so me and my brother went up to him and started talking until people finally caught on and noticed it was him. :p
    Yeah, same here. No huge bands come here though, only new-ish bands with 1/2 albums.

    Same, I've seen them twice but only as a support for Coldplay and Muse.
    Hurts I saw in October. That was great, as I managed to meet Adam Anderson. :awesome: And they are so good live. :D
    Yeah, it's nice to see decent bands in your own city.

    I think I will pre-order it. I know right, it's gone pretty quick.

    Have you seen Hurts or WL before?
    Ah nice. :D I'm seeing Hurts at the HMV Forum in London and White Lies in Norwich. :D I was hoping Hurts would play there too but London it is. :wacky:

    Yeah, I'm considering whether to pre order it or not. I've listened to the 30secs previews on iTunes and think it sounds great. How about you?
    Same here; it's quite a surprise, working backwards through their discography. The style is more . . . smooth and mellow? (I'm really bad with descriptions. :tongue: ) It's a really nice album, though. :nice:
    You're definitely right with "upbeat" and "melancholic".
    The first twenty seconds of Napoleon Says got my attention the first time I heard it. :wideeyed: Great opening track.

    I also listened to the first two tracks off of Alphabetical and thought, "Whoa, this style is a little different. :surprised:"
    Hiya! Finally got around to listening to It's Never Been Like That. I think I'll need to give it a few more listens, but I like it! The melodies put me in quite a cheerful mood (even if some of the lyrics are kinda sad . . . :sad:). So far, my favorites are Second to None, Napoleon Says, and Consolation Prizes.
    Yep, I'll be sure to. :nice:

    That reminds me of my schoolmate who said "I should really stop going to so many concerts since I'm going broke, but I just can't stop." :lol: I have to content myself with YouTube videos, but it looks so amazing and fun to actually be there. :wacky:
    Yeah, I know what you mean by "commercially viable"; some people said it's a little more radio-friendly. :thinking: I'm planning to get It's Never Been Like That sometime this week, so I'm quite excited for that.

    :stunned: Wow, you've seen a lot of bands! I still have yet to go to my first concert. :p
    Hiya. :nice: I was skimming through the last several Muse pages now, and I thought that was so cool you saw Phoenix! I've only heard their last album and it took a few listens, but I really, really like it.

    What other bands/musicians have you seen live?
    Exactly, luckily it wasn't during an exam or anything, then it would of been unfair.

    I'm Kelly, by the way. :wacky:
    Haha, true.

    Yeah, that's what I thought, don't know why we weren't sent home. Maybe because they fixed it, but it was damn cold! :|
    Nice. I live on the east coast.
    Ah, you will probably get some soon then.

    I know right, it's been freezing! At school on Friday the heating broke for an hour, it honestly felt like we were in the arctic.
    Aw :sad: What part are you from? if you don't mind me asking. :wacky:

    Well, I was going to go out with a few friends, but it was so cold we decided to say in. It does look really pretty though. :D
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