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  • Haha, that would of been my reaction too, so I don't blame you!

    Aw :hug: what a rude girl, that's so not cool!

    So, they were amazing again last night, I got barrier and got a setlist! :awesome: When Theo was giving the Roses out he looked straight at me but threw it the over way :bigcry: I recorded it too, so you can see him looking at me :lol: Then after the concert we met their opera singer Richard! :D I'll post more details in the Hurts thread. :D
    Okay! :wacko:
    Wrist straps are extremely necessary at gigs! :lol: At the Prudential Center, when I was seeing Muse, I nearly dropped my camera so many times- and from up in the nosebleeds, I would have never seen it again and it may have killed someone with a fall that long. :| :lol:

    That's more barrier than I have. :p Pretty impressive, if you ask me. :wacko:
    Yeah, I'm just worried that I'll be like 10th in line or something, and then run to the bathroom and come back and everyone's inside. :lol:

    That's true too, with center barrier you're getting crushed from all sides but off to the side you only really get crushed badly from the back and the one side you're close to. :thinking:
    Whoa. :dead: I need to see that video! :wacko: :wacky: That's so awesome! :lol:
    I probably would have spazzed and thrown my camera backwards into the crowd or something. :| :ninja:

    That's great that you got a spot! :wacko:
    I'm trying to get as many tips as possible for getting barrier at shows. :wacky: Kelly helped me quite a bit. . . now all I need is a band to see. :| :lol:
    Wow! :surprised: Did you have to line up early for barrier? :thinking: Just curious. :p

    Aw, that's so adorable! :blush: How in the world did you get a Thank You from Theo? :freak: :freak: :dance:
    Boo. :p Some people are so rude. :phu:
    Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see them! :wacko:
    Wow that really is amazing! So nice he thanked you! :bomb::awesome: have you uploaded the video? Glad you had a great time! :D
    I'm currently on the train to London now. Excited! :freak:

    INORITE. Where I'm seeing them is about the same too. It's so tiny, it's crazy!
    True. :p
    But the thought that it's the only chance I will see Muse before having to wait a couple of years and I miss it, is depressing. :lol:
    Around the Mediterranean. It's going to two places in Spain, Italy, 2 Greek islands, Croatia and a Croatian island. :awesome:
    Hey, thanks for your reply in the Muse thread!!
    Go check out that awww thread, most of the stuff is really cute that they're posting and I'm usually not an easy victim for baby animals :lol:

    What I totally forget saying:
    I'm really sorry we didn't get to talk at all on the boat! :embarrassed:
    You are a really sweet and pretty girl btw. :)
    That day I was totally tired and I met Chelsea again and all the others etc and didn't really find the time to talk to you. I also didn't make the connection that you are you if that makes sense haha
    Hope we'll go to a concert together soon so we'll have time to meet again and chat during the queuing party. :hug:

    Good night!
    Oh, yeah that must have been pretty dull then.

    That's true. I wouldn't mind if Coldplay headlined, either. :awesome:
    I'm not sure yet, maybe something to do with Sport like a PE teacher, so I'll probably try a school that's right next to my house (so I won't have to get up early/walk far :p). What did you do for work experience?

    That sounds awesome! I'm hoping to go to Reading festival this year so if Muse headline it would be epic!
    I'm pretty good also. School's okay thanks, got forms regarding Work Experience today.

    INORITE. Yeah, I'm definitely psyched; I can't wait! :awesome:
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