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  • Oh, you did well to record them! The crowd were going crazy during those, I could barely hold my phone. :lol::awesome:
    True that! :D

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

    I have one on my knee which is swollen and another one on my hip which is black and quite painful.
    You can't move your neck? that sounds pretty bad.

    It's quite strange really. :thinking: At first I thought it was because they printed the wrong time on the tickets.
    Ah, it makes sense. Yeah that kinda does make you safe. :lol:

    Nice, that's a way to do it. :awesome: Yeah, I'm not too bothered about it though, at least I got one at Hurts. :wacky:

    I know right? Even the security guys were complaining about it. He was arrogant and acted as if it's his own show even though he's just basically an unknown band.
    :lol: I didn't notice that. I was debating however, if their drummer was a woman or not, I couldn't quite tell as it was dark. :lol:

    Haha, yeah, to be honest I would have too. :lol: The bruises I have though are huge, I'm tempted to take a picture. :lol:

    Ah not too bad then. It was about the same for me too. Although I was quite confused as to when I turned up no one was there. Then half an hour before the doors opened everyone arrived.
    Oh dear, good thing you didn't take him to White Lies with you then. :p At least he weren't all "Why didn't you ask me to come?!" or something.

    Sounds great! and you got a setlist? JEALOUS! :bomb: I tried to get one but they gave it to a guy next to me.
    Haha, that's funny, I said the same thing to Christina about Crocodiles. I found it disgusting how he kept spitting. :sick: He started talking to me when I was buying a WL shirt, I tried very hard not to mention it. :lol:

    Haha, woah, much better than what I did. Some girl was trying to squeeze in and move me out the way, so I elbowed her by "accident" and she gave me a filthy look and did it even more. :lol:
    How long did you queue for to get barrier?
    Woah, why did that guy even bother going? that's basically what you expect when you go to a gig. :| if I were you, I would have didtched him. :p

    It really was amazing, the crowd were great and White Lies seemed so happy. Oh definitely, I wasn't gonna give up my barrier spot that easy!

    Have an amazing time! :cheesy:
    Fo' shizzle! :awesome:

    That's true. Aw, I can imagine how much that must have sucked for you. :\
    Tonight I found out I wasn't alone, I saw my friend there. :lol:

    So, White Lies were fucking amazing! Like srs. I got barrier and Harry gave me a cheeky smile! :dead: It was a tiny venue, about 7/8 hundred people. :awesome: I now have an imprint of the barrier and a bruise the size of a golf ball on my hip though, but it was totally worth it! :lol: And Harry's guitar broke so we had to wait a while and the crowd starting singing football songs. So random. :lol:

    Then after the gig, I met the support act Active Child and spoke to a guy from Crocodiles! :D

    Natt, have a fantastic time tomorrow! I'm sure you will! :awesome:
    :lol: Exactly. That's why I'm glad I've found Hurts, they are tiny right now. :awesome:

    That's really nice. :awesome: I'm see White Lies by myself tonight, I've never been alone before. I usually go with my brother but now that he's gone to uni in Reading, I'm forever alone. :lol:

    Yeah :\ but that also means moar White Lies for meh! :wacky: Awesome! :awesome: I'm not sure if it's sold out here... :thinking:
    That's what I love about finding little bands, when they become big it's a great thought that you'd been following them since the beginning. :awesome:

    That's great! I love how everyone makes friends in the queue.

    I agree, I reckon in years to come they will make it big. :awesome:

    Of course! I can't wait, I'm gonna head down there about 5 too, there's no point in queuing early, as most people around here haven't even heard of them so I doubt there will be that many people queuing early.
    As you should. :p

    That's still awesome. :D

    That's true. The weather was horrible, it was so cold!
    The people who were already there spoke to us (although some were foreign and I couldn't understand a word they were saying :embarrassed:) and one guy we had a conversation with went to the Brighton show. :awesome:

    Thanks! :cheesy: Theo is interesting to watch, I have to say. Adam is nice too though. I got his side last time and he looked at us and recognised us as we met him while queuing. :lol:

    So, White Lies tonight and tomorrow for you! :awesome:
    He does look better in person. :dazzled:

    I know right? :p I'm on a role, that's two setlists in a row I've got from Hurts now. :awesome:
    Yeah :\ we weren't going to, but when we walked past the venue there were loads of people already queuing so we felt if we want barrier we better start queuing then.
    Woah 45 mins?! That's practically nothing! :p
    Theo is hot, so it's totally understandable. :lol:

    I think we scared the security, some guys started off a chant of "SETLIST SETLIST!" and the security felt they had to give us one. :lol: I hope you get one at White Lies! :D
    I queued for about 3 hours to get barrier. What about you?

    I'll post the video and pictures later. :D I recorded Happiness and Illuminated.
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