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  • Hi Natt, I was your mix-tape maker. Not sure if you saw my response to your review on the thread, but it's just a few pages back. :)
    I KNOW!! The movie was so goood!! :D I went to see it with a friend and every 5 minutes we were shouting "OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!!" "THIS SCENE IS BRILLIANT!!" "THE ACTORS ARE SO HOT!!" :lol:
    I thought we were friends on here already!!
    Going to change that first if you don't mind, then having a cup of coffee, then I'll send you my James story. :wacky: Promised! xxx
    Hey Natt!

    A little random, but I really liked your idea that you mentioned in the Muse thread about writing out your notes and then condensing them into an A4 page... so I'm trying that for my next biochem exam. Just thought I'd let you know :lol:
    So far I've taken 4 finals, but only know two grades. On the one I was most worried about, English, I got a 98%. :awesome: And then in band I got a 93%. History and geometry went well I think, but no definite scores yet. And then on Monday I have a financial lit final, and then Tuesday's the worst day- biology and German. :wreck:

    Thanks for asking, by the way. :wacko: :kiss:

    Aaaaaaannnnnnddd. . . it appears I missed your birthday. :disappointed:

    Happy belated birthday Natt, hope it was awesome. :nice:
    Hey, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction to hear more songs by Rams' Pocket Radio? I've been listening to the one song you put on your mixtape by them countless times and would love to hear more...thanks again for making my mixtape btw :)
    Sure is! :wacky:

    So how are you? :wacko: I mistimed my wake up, so now I have an hour 40 minutes before I have to be in school. :p
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