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  • Oh, thank you! :cheesy: I wish you a Happy 2015 as well.

    HAHA so much more buttons and icons to click, eh? :p
    Hi Nancy, I've not been very fine those last days but hope it will get better.
    I haven't listened to GS so far...
    Hello Nancy:)
    I'm fine despite the rainy weather here with temps around 16°C.
    I had luch in a restaurant in Paris yesterday with a good friend, also a CP fan so we coult talk about the new songs. My favorite so far is O but I had only heard a bit of the song. I'm really waiting for the album to be released. And I'm also crossing my fingers and everything I can to be able to get tickets for Paris.
    Have a nice week end:)
    Of course we will meet if you come to Paris!!!! So glad to hear that:)
    If they go to Copenhagen for the next tour, I'm going too! (if the date is fitting with my schedule).
    Hi Nancy! How are you doing? I wish I was in LA but I'm not... I hope they'll play in little venues when they come to Europe but it's gonna be hard to get tickets!
    thank you so much Nancy! I guess I'm a bit late finding out, lol. Not surprised about biggesT Jonny fan, but best North American ambassador is really cool and a genuine Honour. :)
    Hej Nancy. :)
    I love Viva La Vida. Thanks for accepting my request. You seem to be a very nice person.
    Hilsen fra Peru. :)
    Thank you nancyk58, you're so nice. Have a nice weekend you too, glad to have you in my friends list :D
    Hi Nancy:) I'm glad that you had fun with zumba.
    I've just heard Atlas (it has leaked) and I really like it:)
    Hi Nancy:)
    Today school was only for teachers, it really begins tomorrow. I'm fine but it's always sad when holidays arrive to their end...
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