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  • I've missed you. :wacky: :heart:
    I'm good, just chillin' at home listening to my iPod and eating toast haha,
    You? :blush:
    Hi there! I'm April.

    I (sometimes) post fanfics on the Official Coldplaying Fanfic Thread 2! I don't believe we've met before, so I thought I'd say hi.

    So, hi! :dance:
    I'm 16 and I live near Melbourne, Australia. I love writing Coldplay fanfics!
    I'm also very jealous that you were at the Monterrey show on March 11. SO. VERY. JEALOUS.

    And I'm lovin' The One Question! :dance: Very exciting! :heart:
    Wow. You are intensely a BIG fan of Coldplay...I don't know if I'm that dedicated to any band...lol. But I can see you avidly are.

    And that is awesome- I was so close to seeing one of their concerts last year...but didn't :( You're lucky that you have been to THREE. Haha....You're stuff is amazing, that's all I am going to say.

    And as for the butterflies...that's really neat. Did thye throw them off the stage or something? Were you near the front??

    Oh...my name's Pieta. XD
    Aw :disappointed:
    I was so hoping that we could meet :bigcry: And you're not coming back to California at all this summer? :(
    Girl- you have a HELL of a lot of Coldplay memorbillia. ;) I recently just looked at the thread "Show your Coldplay stuff." haha

    You're wall is to DIE for. It's so fricken adorable. That is my favorite line out of every Coldplay song. :)
    And just out of curiosity...how did you make those butterflies??? And I love your Viva pillow. And also the Life in Technicolor ii shirt. I have been looking for that one EVERYWHERE- and I just don't have luck and never seem to come across it? Will you please tell me where you got it?

    Haha. But amazing collection.
    Aw :blush: I just noticed that you still have that quote of mine in your sig :laugh3:
    oh man, good times, good times :dozey:
    Are you still in Cali btw? :wacky:
    Yeah i'm a huge fan too ! :nice:
    Andrew is so hot ! :awesome:
    Thanks for telling nice things about my sig ! :p
    Yeah when I see your sig I saw I have got the same picture but don't uploaded yet. :D
    Nice to meet you Nicole I'm Jade ! :nice:
    hey, your strawberry swing video was legen... wait for it... DARY!
    haha cheers, and have a great day/night, where ever you come from!!
    Dearest Colio.
    Just saying, I hope all is well, and I :heart: youuu!
    I miss spazzing/dancing to Lisztomania and imitating smileys and laughing at your satan dog! :laugh3: well anyways tell me what's new in your life!
    -Kendall :awesome: :wacky: :hug:

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH u luckyluckylucky girl!!!!! So much envy happening here right nowXD ur sooo lucky u got the chance of going!!! How far away do u live from Monterry? If u dont mind me askingXD its just so great that u actually got to fly out to see them:O ahaha, well its nice chattin, talk to u soon^_^

    And yes i believe i added u, is your middle/last name Carmela? If so then yes it was me haha:)
    Aha nice;)

    Yes mamm i am new lol:) and no worries aha:nice:

    Hey Nicole im Hannah, and yes, these smileys are the best thing evaa hehe:awesome: btw i added a Nicole on Facebook who loves Coldplay, maybe thats uO_O take care<33
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