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  • That's what I was going to get you for your birthday! He was sold out :( :p

    Thanks for leaving such a pretty gif :heart:

    Happy Birthday, P Middy!!!!! :heart: :love:
    Hello, you!!!!! I just got your beautiful card and gifts!!!

    Thank you sooooo much for everything you sent me. And yes, even though I'm not the biggest fan of MX the magazine is absolutely gorgeous. :wink3::p

    The card is absolutely wonderful, the candy looks amazing, and unfortunately the ornament broke during transit. :bigcry: But it looked like it was really beautiful! Thank you sooo much for the thoughtful gifts, I really appreciate it. This is my first time getting gifts from the Secret Santa project and I couldn't ask for a better person to get them from. :kiss:

    Again, I can't thank you enough. :hug::kiss::hug::kiss::hug:!!!!!!!
    It'd really be stretching it especially if there was any kind of delay. It'll be the least Ford can do for me after I have his baby! Hell he'll just be glad that HE doesn't have to go :lol:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeee! Michie da shooooooooow ho! Will they have a pit section? If so, when you're front row (cause I know how you roll :p) tell them I said hello :D

    She better bring it today...or else :veryangry:
    Well no I'm not sure but I'm hopeful!! It couldn't be a one day road trip to either place, would have to bring Ford and baby and do a hotel...but if I was only gone for a few hours.....I'm insane!! :wacko: But you knew that already :p Why on earth are they not playing here?? :bigcry:

    It's not arrived yet :( Maybe it was so good that the new mail lady made off with it. I'll beat her down if she did :angry:
    :bigcry: I don't think I'll ever be able to watch that movie and not think of you!!

    What did your bosses say about a plane ticket to FL for your Xmas pressie? I just might be able to get to a show this summer (I'm being optimistic here :p) which would mean taking G to her first CP show and we wouldn't want to go without you!!! I'm going to go ask Santa right now to make it happen :santa:

    Congrats on your award :nice:

    And I like your new avatar. They look better with photoshopped santa hats.
    Hi there,

    Just a reminder to all Secret Santa's that if you haven't sent your card yet, could you please do so as soon as possible? It's that time of year where the post slows down.

    If your card isn't on the way yet, please try to send it via Airmail as soon as possible. Please let your elf know as soon as it has been posted.

    If you have any problems, get in touch. Don't leave your match without a card!


    And Jonny is loooooooving it! Reminds me of the big grin he had on his face after the secret ass touch :wacky:
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