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  • HELLO :cheesy:

    I got your beautiful christmassy Christmas card, it's sooo cute! :bomb: And holy crap your children grow up fast :stunned:

    I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family Melanie, and a wonderful New Year :kiss:
    I'm good. Finally got Christa to come to Texas. We're doing the Austin City Limits festival this weekend. Her and Mike from Chicago are meeting me in Austin.
    Ye..yeah that's kinda weird :lol:

    Oh I can only imagine how tiring that must be hahah :sweatdrop:

    I'm working on my second comic right now and the deadline is approaching rapidly soooo... I'm a little bit stressed out and don't get enough sleep :drunk: But I'm used to that, and drawing is what I love so I don't complain! :wacky:
    No worries!! I can't see a thing on my phone been stealing my daughters iPad on slow days at work ! Off to Texas on Friday to meet Miss A for ACL I'm already packed like a kid going to Disney!!!
    Yay cool that you like the ornaments! :wacky: And great that the card wasn't that late :lol:

    Christmas was amazing, I got soooo many cool presents: I got a little shelf from IKEA in black where I can store all my books in from now on, and another shelf with UK flags on it :wacko: , a new (old) camera from my sister which makes really good pictures, the PC game Skyrim :)drunk:), a fluffy cute hat for cold winter days and some chocolate.
    I feel like I don't even deserve half of this :bomb:

    AND WHAT DID YOU GET :wideeyed:
    I got something in my mail today :awesome: LDJKHKLSDFH your family picture is sooooo lovely, really! :wacky: And Thomas has grown a lot :stunned:

    I love your art skills! :lol:
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