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  • Me gusta. I wish I could draw. I blame my colorblindness, though it's irrelevant.

    The piano piece sounds really pretty. How long have you been working on it? And how close are you? I'm really bad at memorizing things, which is why I was really bad about memorizing my music during marching band in high school
    Well, here goes:

    I hate how Jonny looks in this picture. :dead:

    Yeah, I'm trying to memorize (I already know it) this:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svz7CuS2MKk"]????? - ??????? - YouTube[/ame]
    ...and this is after five years of work. :cry:
    Sure :)

    Well, I have musical talent. We should put together my piano and your art into some kind of art/music collab. I'm excited now.
    I don't draw. I express my right brain in other ways.

    If I could draw, I would.

    But you play piano? That's awesome. Me too :D
    Geometry is stupid. well, calculus is kinda fun I guess and it's basically geometry.

    By the way, I KNEW a bunch of people would change their avi to that after last night. I loved his vest.
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