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  • You're one of the few people that have the permission to piss me off whenever they like :cheesy:
    Aww I am not laughing, thats a great reason to like a city. You should drop by on your way from Florida to NYC this summer.
    what happened to you???
    well I am fine, nope I didn't but I had some problems with it, and I remember you deleted yours.
    Some people would argue that me and bitch go very harmoniously together. I'll text him back tomorrow saying I feel asleep or something :nice: Goodnight!
    Next week is my birthday so possibly? haha.

    Oh also what I thought was funny. He was begging for a kiss at the end and I said no about 20 times. I then asked him what age he was, he said 17. Then was like ...wait, what age do you think I am?
    To which he replied 16 -__-
    They were all young, possibly younger than me. The really persistent guy was 17. I was like I'M 19 D: (small lie, but it is only a week away).
    I text him though, so I wouldn't be a complete bitch...I have no fucking idea what he said in the text back to me.
    I want to text back asking him to use proper grammar but that would make be a bitch.
    You're not on ...and there aren't many others on either.
    But I said I would post drunk, but sadly the drink has worn off. And I only had one because they were €6 for 275ml! D: That's nearly $9, RIDICULOUS.
    I also got hit on by 6 guys (one guy came up to me about 5 times), a kiss on the cheek by a randomer, several hugs, and a number (of the guy who came up to me 6 times).

    I'm never leaving my house again :|
    I may even cause a bagel shortage if I do, man.
    /basically lives off of bagels and milk

    So what's your new job?
    I'm sunburnt, this is new to me hahah.
    I finally got permission to bring my iPod with me to the park so now I go there every day and swing, it's nice to get out of my room for once.

    And you know, I'm home alone so I'm throwing a wild party.
    a.k.a. sitting on my bed with my laptop listening to my iPod and eating a bagel. I can't be tamed.

    I can't remember the last time I voluntarily hung out with someone haha...
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