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  • Oh, right, Daft Punk, I forgot! I only know their most famous singles, but I like them a lot! Quite proud they're French :wacky:
    Oh you know him ?! That's cool!! :awesome:
    :surprised: I've heard of Air, but I don't think I've actually listened to them.
    I don't listen to French music that much, tbh. I love Serge Gainsbourg (RIP :( ), especially as a songwriter, I mean in the 60s the man wrote practically all the songs that became hits! And they were good! I also like a very few songs by Raphaël, Coeur de Pirate (although she's from Québec, but most of her songs are in French! :D) or bands like Phoenix, Pony Pony Run Run, Cocoon...
    English has less different tenses, compared to French, and also you don't have to worry about whether a word is masculine or feminine or that kind of stuff, which makes it easier to learn, I believe. Oh that damn subjunctive! They have it in Italian too, what a pain!

    Oh that's kewl :awesome:
    It is a difficult language :nod: I've been studying Italian for about 6 years now, and I still have almost no vocabulary :lol:

    I live south-east of Lyon, near the Alps :)
    Hi. :blush:

    I know we sometimes don't have the same view on things, but I have to give you credit for keeping me on my toes. I enjoy having musical discussions with people. I just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate the chats and all that. :nice:
    Well, I dont really know what you're talking about, but okay

    I do know that I am stubborn, and opinionated. And I am persuasive. So I'm sorry if I offended you at some point. I'm a pretty nice guy, but for some reason I come off as a dick on the internet.
    Hi there,
    I'm going to paint my guitar, so I was looking for inspiration.. I just saw your post, and I really like your painted instruments! Especially the Viva-guitar!:D
    Can you please explain to me how to you did that?:blush:
    Thanks a lot, have a nice day!
    Hey Mark, how are you?
    What is about the tickets, nothing new? One my friend has already received her electronic one. maybe non-electronic will also come soon..
    I've watched all the concerts of Coldplay and Blur (Hyde-park is my favourite) and that's really great! you are very lucky!
    I haven't been to their concerts, because i live in Russia and hardly ever someone comes. Just attended U2, Travis, Snow Patrol, Cranberries concerts.
    Coldplay had never come to us! That's a pity.. So this year i decided at last to see Blur in London and Coldplay in Munich! 2 my favorite legendary bands! Waaait for it very much 8)
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