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  • Thanks! December is an expensive month, so I can't donate right now, sorry. But maybe next month! And I'll make sure to spread the word about your project, glad I can help in that way!
    Oh wauw, that is really amazing. Must have been a immense experience to be there. And so great that you are still helping those people. Is there anything we can do to help?
    Hey, I just read something in your signature about a Ghana and Rwanda volunteer project? What is it about? Sounds interesting!
    Haha, I don't know, Marie! You should know better than me then :p

    It was very nice meeting you! Hope to see you again sometime next year (if there's a tour)! :)
    Hello :) I just saw a comment in a forum and you said you have the tour programme from Viva la Vida. I live in Colombia (South America) and it's impossible to get it from here, it's on ebay uk but I can't buy it. I was wondering if you can send me de scanns to my email,
    Thank you very much, if you respond this saying yes I'l give you my email.
    Greetings! Good bye
    Okay. The invitation has been sent. Tell me what you think of it if you have a chance.
    I hope you like it. And thanks for reading!!
    Do you have an email that you don't mind giving me? I will give you permission to read it. It is posted on an invite only blog. It is a much more explicit story than any of the others.
    Oh....I forgot yesterday. I have a G/F story that isn't going to be on the blog. I don't know if you are interested but I could send it to you.
    Wow....Thanks alot!! I finally got around to making a blog for Will. I hope to write more for him. He definitely gets short-changed in the fan fiction department and that's a shame.
    I am kind of partial to the G/F stories myself so it is great to know that other people like them as well.
    I was having kind of a crappy day and your message cheered me alot. So thanks again!
    And I'm not even a loyal Gwyneth fan..
    I've seen those photos before, but never expected anyone from the board to even have the heart to post it here.
    Usually it's people who are obsessed with Chris Martin are the ones whom always looking for Gwyneth's flaws to prove how she doesn't deserve him. But this time that poster has taken it a tad too far.
    It's pathetic really.
    Hi Marie!

    The upload of the SBS .mp4 is taking ages and it'll finish when I have to be at work already :disappointed:
    I'll leave my PC switched on and will post the link for you when I get back!!

    Have a nice day!
    Hey!:smiley: haha I sounded so stupid in that "interview" all I did was laugh. There was more to it, but of course he edited and all he kept was me laughing :rolleyes: And the "fuck!" was probably inspired by something he said, can't remember now. I know I was nervous and purposely trying to keep the cursing out, probably why it came out:p
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