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  • Just a reminder to tell you to remember to do your video/picture/or recording of Yellow for the Coldplay Project Group if you haven't already done so. Email it to Brooke(coldplayisawesome) at [email protected] ASAP. Thanks. :D
    Ok, but now I'll finish my homework and then go to bed. :laugh4: I always push things like homework away from me until I have to do them. ;)
    is your name there "art is life" ??
    ehm it depense at which time I am online. sometimes I'm often online and sometimes I'm offline for a week. it sometimes really depense what I am doing.
    I don't know. Maybe it's also horrible to grow up and don't know how your parents were when they lived together, but I was also kinda shocked and glad when my threw my father out. I can't describe it but it wasn't working for a long long time. It was a relief for all of us. My father slept in the living-room for almost half an year anyway. And when my mother said she can't take it any longer he came to me and asked me what he had done to us. :dozey: my mother was so lovely because she wanted to discuss it alone with my father and didn't want to involve us.
    Life just was easier. And then my father started to sue my mother for money. Well, what can I say. My mother also told me that it was already hard for her when my brother and I were just little children. She just didn't part then because she wanted us to be old enough to decide on our own if we want to go to our father or not. she didn't want to have that we would be urged to go to our father every second weekend.
    At the moment I don't think that there will be a wedding and we don't have anything against it. My mother says that you don't have to marry these days anyway. Well, my parents want to get divorced, but my father causes some trouble so it can take a little longer. well we have 2009 and they want to get divorced since 2006 or 2007, I can't remember. :dozey:
    But I don't have any contact to my father anymore either, because he behaved really wrong in front of me and I didn't want brook this any longer. so I don't have a problem now. You can say that I build a wall around me for this relationship.
    Sounds sad, maybe, but I can't change it. and once when I saw my father at my school he just ignored me, so what else can I expect?! :thinking:
    This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:
    because the other room is bigger and my mum just have to go in there and to sleep, but I am a lot in my room so she suggested it. and maybe because I wanted to get someday my brother's room. it's almost a whole floor, but I guess my brother won't move out for a while especially not because his girl-friend moved (really) in some weeks ago.
    She already lived here, but they changed a lot if they stay here or at her mothers place and now it's definite. I think they're toghether for almost 3 years.
    yeah sure! But it's not nice if you have to tow a lot of things. My mum and I switched the rooms and now we have a lot of stuff to throw away. :laugh4:
    haha, yeah but at the moment it cooled down here again. ok next week it's supposed to be over 30 again, but at the moment I think it's about 27 and in the evening and night it is quite colder.
    yeah you lucky girl! :) Then you still havesome time to enjoy!
    It will be my last school year. :smug: hehe and then it will be the serious life I have to face ;)
    There are worse things than that, but I just know that my brother is glad to be out of school.
    I can understand him and I wonder how I will think about school in some months. Today was my second day but I don't have the feeling that it's so bad. Maybe because it's my last one, but I don't know. Probably I will think in a different way as soon as I start to write tests again :D

    Mmmhh the weather is good today and tomorrow it is supposed to be over 30°C :thinking:
    I hope it wont be too warm so that you are too lazy to do anything.
    well I'm fine and you?
    My school started again today. my schedule is, well it's ok, but on friday it could be really better. I have two lessons then 3 free lessons and then ONE lesson at the end. I'd have been extremly mad if I hadn't had sports after that. Not because I like sports, but otherwise I would have to come back just for ONE lesson. :thinking:
    (Note: This is a copy&paste message. Please disregard it if you have already voted.)
    Hi there,
    The Absolute Radio Live Stories competition voting stage is closing soon. In this stage, users vote for in their opinion which story is the most well-written.
    The top four entries with the most votes go through to the next round. These entries are judged on and two are selected to battle it out for the weekly prize - concert tickets. The winner then will write a review of that concert. These will face off and the winning story wins the forum a two hour festival made up of songs entirely of their choice!
    We currently only have 90 votes, but we know there's a lot more of you out there. Please vote for one of the thirteen stories at the link provided below and if you have the time discuss why it was your favourite - the rules for this competition state we must have discussion about the entries!

    Thanks for your help! :smiley:
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