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  • hahaha no.. i'm 17 and my life is much duller than yours :confused:

    btw i really really reaaaaallyyy like your name ...really really :p
    haha, husband! I forgot that one! :laugh3:

    Yeah, it's been quite a long time - but I'm fine, cheers :)
    Term's coming to an end finally - I can't wait for my summer holidays to begin in a few weeks! :)

    How are you over there?
    hey mariana!! it's so great to have you back here with us pervs ..we missed you

    what've you been up to?
    I'z lost,lol. Trying to figure out how the forum chat works and hoping people have gotten my replies and don't think I'm being rude!:lol:
    I hope your weather will be better soon! :)

    Good to hear you're fine! I'm great as well! Just finished my exams (and passed all of them :nice: ), I extended my contract of labour until the end of July and in August I'm going to Dublin, London and probably canoeing in East Germany, too. :) In September Coldplay's coming to Germany (I'm going to the dates in Hamburg and Berlin) and I will go to university.

    I'm really looking forward to all of the things I mentioned. :)

    What are you doing and any plans for the summer?
    Hahaha, I could do that. Watch a movie in the dark in a warm blanket ALONG with the brownies I made and some sparkling grape juice in one of those wine glasses. I wish I had a boyfriend now but *shrugs* what you gonna do?

    LMAO! I know! I'm EVERYWHERE. I realized that too, like, I'll be on one section of the site then instantly somewhere else with a time span about 10 seconds. It's like Ping Pong. I'm going to try my best to break a record here. the coldplayingers fastest posting record. IT'S NOT EASY! :laugh3:
    Oh how nice! I wish I could go to the beach but it's been raining here everyday for the past week. lucky you!

    I'm fine! thanks for asking as well. a little on the bored side but *shrugs* what can you do when it's thundering and lighting outside?
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