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  • Lmao! you're a lazyass? girl... i can't get off the computer if this person was to saw me in half. Im on at sun rise to sun rise... it's ridiculous! ahh well, what can i do? there's just so many interesting things to do....
    well.... I KIND OF was.. but it was only cos he's a good person to talk to... I wasn't trying to flirt with him or anything :stunned:

    good luck with those exams!!
    hahaha I'm sure my friend likes me a bit less now :p ..but wasn't my faaaault ..I swear :lol:

    how are you today?
    that night was so funny.. cos my friend wanted to hook up with her ex and he didn't pay attention to her.. he kept following ME and trying to start a conversation :laugh3:
    oh i see! yeah, i'm pretty tired myself.. well, i was suppose to go to the beach tomorrow but my aunt canceled her plans so... it kind of sucks now. *shrugs* ahh well, at least i can talk to my friends ey?

    well, have a good sleep!
    i'm going great ..tonight I'll go out and drink-till-I-puke with some friends :laugh3:

    nah jk I won't puke :smug:
    lol...fancy pantsy? Not really, but it kind of cool to say you have a friend with an island.:lol: It's a pretty great way to spend a summer weekend.

    I'm not used to all this facebook stuff, but I love the fact that they're always improving the forum.:D
    hahaha it's WORSE than that... South America + Los Angeles + Italy ..since I grew up in LA

    wow I'm bound to be a perv :stunned:
    haha, that last one did look like you were a diva but i loved it a lot. it was very model ish. but, you're right, this one does look serene and very thoughtful.
    yeah no kidding! but it's a really nice change from your last one. That shot is really... different but it's really pretty. it's very artsy and the coloring is very cool. it looks like a realistic picture painting.
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