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Recent content by majorminus1997

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    FLAC Fun/See You Again Mashup - Fun/See You Again Mashup

    While it may have a few choppy moments, I think you'll cry with this one, enjoy!
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    O Lyrics

    So does anyone else think they here Apple and Mabel singing "Go on and hurt me" before the ooo's and the don't ever let go section? Cause as I've been listening, I think I hear it and its been weirding me out, or is it just a scat type singing
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    A Ghost Stories poem type thing

    The hour of Midnight is now upon me, and I cannot help but have another sleepless night alone. The thought of you and all of your beauty are Always in My Head, and every time I think of you and what we could be, I consider it True Love. I feel this sort of Magic whenever I’m around you, and this...
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    Count to a million!

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    The "I Cried When I Listened To O" Thread

    I cried, like, immensely, is it even possible to listen to this without crying? :'(
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    Xylobands Sharing

    I'd like one too please :D
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    Xylobands Sharing

    I'd like one too please :D FL/USA