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  • I was watching the video last night and wanted an avatar of something in that video.

    Me gusta.
    Hahaha! I get that a lot here. :lol:

    Did you start the new season, or just the show in general?
    You should visit it. It's a addicting site and there is a sub-reddit of literally anything you can think of.
    Sept 22nd! Then MX a month later... My fall TV schedule should keep me busy enough until MX is released. Have you read any of the spoilers for season 3? I don't wanna just start discussing if you don't know any of them :p
    Just wanted to say I love your avatar! it's the only episode of Community I ever saw and I loved how creative it was. Especially liked the part about the Coldplay tix!
    Thanks ;) Same to you.... and good luck with the shooting!! :p (isn't it supposed to be fun? :p :D )
    btw, you gotta tell me more about your movies, I've seen something on facebook... but you know, since it was in French, I could not figure out what it was :/
    heh...as you may have noticed.... i've been very busy recently...... but i'm going to have holidays next week!!! plenty of time to write to you ;) I'm just informing you :p
    PART 0

    I'm SOOO late! Sorry for that... and as well sorry for being so absurdly talkative about Poirot, I'm just so obsessed with that show! :D

    Anyway... it's all been pretty busy lately, but I have some free time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so I'll be writing you. In the meantime - have a nice day(s)! :)
    PART13 (this did not fit into part 12)

    Hope I didn't leave anything unanswered ;)

    Oh...and the CTV - if you'd be interested in contributing somehow... just write Jamie :)
    I cant wait to see the first episode :D ^^

    Thank you! :)

    Have fun during the rest of the holidays!!! :) ;) Bye!

    soo.. App Store's here - what do you think? I guess it's still really empty... it has potential, but it needs time. I guess it's initially not going to be such a success as iOS App Store was/is, since on iPhones there were no apps before... on macs, we already have apps and the App Store just changes the way they are delivered to us. Just my 2 cents :) ;)

    I've seen your card in the thread...it is really cool, looks extremely great! :) I got my card today!!! :D :D SQUEEE! :D I like it very much, and there was a chocolate too :) Still no signs of my card being delivered :( I bought this hand-made paper and envelope and painted a huge Viva la XMas on the envelope... wrote a letter and added some home made CP butterflies :) What did you do?
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