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  • Heyyy lucy! :D

    haha I saw you commented on my concert review in the Coldplay Experiences thread :lol: well "USA <3 COLDPLAY" just mean "USA :heart: COLDPLAY" (like USA Loves Coldplay, only with a heart...:p on the sign....) we couldnt use smileys in our reviews so I wrote the heart like that --> <3 instead.....:p hope that makes sense!

    Well I totally wish I could go to Denmark and the show with you like u said in there :lol: but i cant...im a poor college student :( who doesnt have the money at all hahah :p

    anyway...man i dont know who to vote for....:bomb: im friends with a lot of ppl who entered their stories....including you! And sense I entered a story i dont think ill vote at all since I really dont know who to vote for :( we all have great stories tho and good luck :dance:
    Hey Bonjour Lucy ! :) I saw you meet Chris at a Coldplay gig : you're soooo lucky :) what a wonderful pic ! You come from Autralia I never go there hope one day I'll go there it seems sooo wonderful and you've got beautiful landscape. Oooh i forgot to say I'm Guillaume 23 years old, I'm from Le Mans in France ^^ I play the Guitar, try to play the piano and harmonica. I'm a Huge fan of COLDPLAY of course I saw them 3 times and I'll see them twice again in July and in September in France = I hope i'll be lucky to meet them ^^
    I loooove your signature it's soo awesome !
    Hope to talk with you miss! (my msn is [email protected])

    Ciao à bientôt !

    Hey Lucy, its just dawned on me that you. are. sitting. next. to. Chris! WTH! I gather you won a competition and were able to attend a soundcheck, and then you met his dad? But, honestly, what is he like? (Chris, not dad) Everything he looks to be, more? Could never have been disappointing? Please do tell me the whole story, like I'm a two year old, and slowly, I like to live it out in my mind. ;)
    Wowwww, what an awesome story, me jealous :D
    He is great, isn't he? :wacky:
    Must have been the greatest night of your life!
    Hey Lucy, just dropped by to say I love your avatar :)
    Where did you meet Chris? I am soooo jealous!
    hey Lucy! im Liz and im a Guy - addict! (wow that sounds like im introducing myself to some Coldplay anonymous therapy group) :lol: :p
    anyway what did u and Guy chat about outside teh hotel?? u posted in the berrythread and im so curious! :D :wacko:
    and Congrats to your recent meeting of the boys ;) did u post in teh Coldplay Live section?? ill have to find your posts if u did! ;)
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