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  • :dance:

    I most definitely will!! YOur a huge Coldplay fan and Ill vote for you for anything :kiss: You always have the best luck and stories! :D I'll let some others know too that you are in that competition :)

    I appreciate your vote for me too! There are a few different rounds of voting and I think everything is finalized sometime in Nov. so you might be getting some updates from me with links where to vote and when if that's ok :D

    hey Lucy.......:D

    And sorry to have to ask.... :P
    but yes, I am whoring myself out for votes :lol: I got nominated for Best Guy Fan 2009 and I would LOVE to win!
    Right now we are just campaigning for votes and the actual voting starts I believe next week, I'll remind when that is.
    But if you truly think I am a good candidate then please vote :D http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61761

    And if not, then that's OK, just wanted to get the word out there.
    It would mean a lot to me,
    Thanks a lot!

    Hey Katja...yes I am a HUGE fan! I have met Chris 3 times this year! In Perth and Melbourne, Australia and also in Herning, Denmark. I have been a HUGE fan since 2000.

    thanks for your friend request and sorry for my english!!!
    Is your name lucy and since when you´re a fan????
    Wow, you met Chris! :stunned: Great photo!
    But did he really wear a sweater with some ... 'flowers' (don't exactly see what it is) on it? :lol:
    Hello! I was actually given a backstage pass and so was in the friends and family lounge before the concert so I got to see all of them except for Jonny! My brother in law played table tennis with Kelly! I had a lovely chat with Chris and I think he was very surprised I had come all the way from Australia to see them. His Dad was the one who put me on the guest list, and I am eternally grateful! It was the best night of my life!!
    You told me dur....:dunce: We are friends on facebook silly :rolleyes: I was the one commenting on your status just a few moments ago....:p
    Thanks for the votes! Hey Mrs Martin! I lived in NJ for 10 years....in Basking Ridge. Where are you?!
    Hi Nancy! Thank you SO much for your lovely email! I am flying into Copenhagen on August 15, and am currently trying to find a hotel that doesnt cost a fortune for the night. The next day I take the train to Herning. Is that the best way?

    It's a shame you arent going to Herning, as I am quite worried about making the long journey on my own and it would have been lovely to have company! Once I have found a hotel, maybe we can meet for dinner or something on the Sat night? How old are you>? (Im 35)
    Hi Lucy!
    I have now voted for your wonderful contribution to the competition. I read another very good review consisting of part 1 and 2 competing with yours (and skimmed the rest of the contributions - all good), but I still find your contribution the best one. Good luck!

    When will you be leaving for Herning and are you staying at a hotel in Herning or maybe in lovely Aarhus - Denmark's second largest town/city with an airport some kilomenters outside of Aarhus?

    I would like to meet you (I live near Copenhagen) and have not bought tickets for Herning, because I saw Coldplay at the Roskilde Festival. A wonderful experience, and I must say that Chris is very good at pronunciating foreign languages (both Danish and French -with practi-cally no accent - that man is simply second to none). Danish have some words that are practically impossible to pronounce for a foreigner, but he can - I was really impressed.

    Danish reviews of the Coldplay concert at the Roskilde Festival were mainly good and positive, but the sound level could have been higher! The audience (more than 50,000 people) knew many of the songs - much to my surprise as Coldplay is not a popular band in Denmark among the youngsters! The week after the Roskilde Festival, Viva la Vida made a re-entry at the I-Tunes Top 40 at no. 20, and album sales went up from no. 36 to no. 19. So I find that Roskilde had a good effect on the band's album sales in Denmark.

    As to your appeal for a good picture to have signed by Chris: Have you arranged something? At Roskilde the anchorman asked for the time of sunset - replies by e-mail to be sent to [email protected] I don't know, but maybe this could be some help to you in arranging something so that you can get the picture signed by Chris.

    ([email protected])
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