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  • Hey! Sorry for the massively late reply - it's been hella crazy around here for the last few weeks! Anyway, sucks that you couldn't go, but sounds like it all turned out well for you anyway. I actually haven't even caught up with the thread yet - but I know the basics, like they didn't get to meet the band; or Phil, Miller and Matt. Pretty awesome that they got to be in a Coldplay video though! :awesome:
    Hey there fellow Aussie! :D
    Congratulations on winning tickets for the Coldplay boat trip!
    I'm so glad there are a couple of Aussies going - I'm sure it will be absolutely freaking awesome!!! :awesome:
    Have a fantastic time!
    Hello Lucy,
    I was really happy to see a post of yours in one of the threads, because it was a while ago that I had seen a post of yours here. I was really worried thinking that something had happened to you. Hope that you a fine. Have a nice SUNDAY - or if it is almost over - hope that you had a nice SUNDAY. NANCY
    That's pretty cool... You were so lucky to get the backstage pass!! :nice:

    About the Absolute radio competition.. I think I read that you had to be a UK resident or be a member of a forum... and in the field were you could write your forum's name... then I wrote that I am a member of this forum... It was not the exactly the same rules on the round we participated in as the first 4 rounds ;)

    I hope that I'm right :stunned::confused: :huh::uhoh2::dead::worried::worried2:
    Hej Lucy.
    I have just wrote to Absolute radio on Twitter... just to ask them when we will know who the winners of the Live stories competition is and why they haven't announced it yet...
    Hope it will make them do some action and tell us... ;)
    I thought it was worth trying ;)
    Yeah, I too read that it was supposed to be announced yesterday... :confused:
    I think they have some sort of situation finding out whose third, because why havn't they written/said anything when Jenny is a clear winner and you sure are 2.? :confused: :thinking:
    I too hope to see the actual number of votes we all got... Cause I have no idea :confused::)
    Thank you so much :hug:, I too hope I'll get the 3. place...
    I'm so nervous right now :confused: :worried2:

    Yep, I'm in Denmark and I live in Herning ;) :thumbsup:
    I went to the amazing concert they played there. It was my first concert with them!!! :laugh3::dance:
    Your welcome ;)
    I'm just happy to see that it is you who comes in 2. ;) :happy2:

    ... but I'm sorry to inform that it isn't official yet :confused:
    I think that they maybe have a problem with finding out whose 3.? :confused:
    Congrats with your 2. place in the Absolute radio competition!!!!

    I just found out that it was you who wrote the story :lol:
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