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  • Thanks Jantine :) wooow you´re sooo lucky to see them :p yeah I´m happy to live here in Barça it´s a beautiful city I cross my fingers to see the guys here :p I foow on the internet the band and I´m little decieved about the setlist now ... but I read they play in the sounscheck DLIBYH and LIJ !!!!! Hope others songs now :p hehehe can´t wait to talk to you soon : do you have msn or facebook? :)
    Hey Jantinel!!! How are you?? Did you see a coldplay concert during this current show MYLOXYLOTOUR??? :) me I´m currently live in Barcelona and i´m waiting quietly a date here ... hehe

    Hope you´re fine and talk to you soon !!!
    Hello dear friend :)

    Hahaha, oh the reality that we need to face... of course, you study to get a job and when you get a job you'll work your ass off everyday and then start to ask yourself, "Why did I study real hard when after getting a job you think life will be easier cos you'll earn money for yourself... but you have to pay the bills and all!"

    Yes there are plenty of amazing people here, there are also mean ones :angry: But relatively, the nice coldplaying people here dominates :D

    I got your address thank you, but you will have to wait though because I just checked on the mall near my Uni that the postal office closed for good. And since I'm super super busy with school, I'm gonna have to finish this semester first before sending. ;)

    So, how's everything for you my friend? How's Netherlands? Would love to know things around your country!

    Speak soon!

    Ioshi x
    Hello Jantine!

    Oh yes, I've been quite busy with school. Gaaah!! I'm pretty much stuck with it I can't help but just get through with it. Anyway, well I got one already, someone nicely gave it to me :nice: but my close friend is looking for one and is it okay if you talk to him instead? :)

    And is it also possible if you PM me your address? I want to send something to you. :nice:

    Thanks a lot for remembering!

    Hugs and kisses,

    Honestly speaking, I am not quite sure if I am really ending it all. :D
    As writing became some kind of addiction to me, I started to continue doing some bits, even after the mentioned ending ... ;)
    I just enjoy it too much to stop :laugh3:
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