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  • Merciiii!! :hug:
    Rien que pour réentendre Damon dire "it's eclectique" ça vaut la peine de tout réecouter^^
    hi :) ok ill let you know all details about the project :)

    I love Clã as well .. there´s a song from them that is one of my fav ever, is really important for me :) glad you like it as well! must be curious listen to it for you, since is portuguese hehe

    Btw, my name is claudia :)
    Hi again :nice: sorry to bother you,but i have a new for you :p its about Legendary Tigerman, he and this lady Rita Redshoes started to record a soundtrack for a certain movie :)i thought you might be interested to know this :shy: ill give you more news about it, if you want :)
    You did? :awesome: I love Beirut :wacky: Thank you :blush:

    Why didn't you send me a Last.fm friend request? :whip: :p
    True enough. :shifty:
    M&S got nominated in a few Grammys though. I don't really care music awards that much but I would love to see them winning. :wacko:
    Almost impossible :wacky: :lol:
    I wonder how would people consider them as only 'okay' they are INCREDIBLE
    Oh cool :) glad you like it! Maybe i should give him a chance lol will see :p

    About Rita Redshoes, i make a thread here at The World Of Music section, if you want you can listen a bit of the videos i posted :)
    Nice! :) hope you enjoy! Ppl say its very good live, one of my favourites singers here,rita redshoes, sings with him too in his album :)
    Hi there! Sorry to bother you :shy: and i already asked this at music section lol... but i just read that you are going to see The Legendary Tigerman :| how did you find him? Do you like it ? :| im so surprised lol im portuguese and to be honest and i dont like it very much, even thought Paulo Furtado is veeeeeeeeeeery known here :)
    *responds ever later than you did* :lol:

    I'm great, just spending a ridiculous amount of time on the internet while listening to Sigur Ros, you? :wacky:
    Heyyy, I was curious on what your siggy meant, so I google translated it. I really like it! :wacko:
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