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  • Hi Lore,
    Welcome back.
    I have been following your posts on Facebook. Glad that you have had such a good trip - wonderful pictures. I am sending you a PM.
    Hi Lore,
    I would like to know whether you have confirmation from my Secret Santa that his or her card was sent to me as I have not yet received my card.
    You posted in some thread that you are going to travel to the USA soon - on your own.

    I wish you a good and safe travel / journey.
    You're welcome. I am glad you like it.

    I'll look forward to receiving your greeting (it might not make it for Christmas, but that is alright - then it will be a New Year greeting). It might take some time for it to arrive - mine took 11 days to arrive in your place.

    I also sent a card with contents to England (to Ian and family), but I have heard nothing. If they have not moved since last year, then they ought to have received something by now.

    And if you need someone to write more cards, then let me know. Many coldplayers will not know that their cards arrived before they go home for Christmas.
    Yes, my card and lots of gifts just came in today. :wacky: I just got done thanking the lovely Mich a million times for it. :D

    You really don't need to send me anything, but if you do, I'd love to send you a card too. :kiss:
    Lorezita, you letter has returned :freak: I realized I've writen a wrong number, thought I had your adress by heart and didn't check twice :/

    Well, now I'm gonna send your christmas card together then :p I'm sorry! Hopefully you'll get it soon!

    :kiss: :kiss: :hug:
    Hi Lore,
    I understand the coldplayer who felt bad thinking afterwards that he/she did not send enough. I had the problem of not finding something nice for Angie - now I found it - so yesterday I sent her a new card (more like the one I had in store from the beginning) - and I also sent cards to other coldplayers whose addresses I had. You and RedGirl76 are doing such a great job - keep up the good work. :thumbsup: U2 rock !! :p
    Hi there,

    A couple more Card Sent arrived in the Santa account last week - all from your half!

    I think on Wednesday I'm going to send PMs to anyone from my group that hasn't confirmed their card is on the way...

    Als :)
    you are the sweetest thing! god i cant wait till you get here, so much to do!! i mailed your card today hope it gets there in time arggggg
    Hadn't thought about Twitter!

    I'm going to send them a PM saying if I don't hear back by Friday I'm crossing them off and will tell their match not to send a card - if they think they won't get anything, maybe they'll finally speak up!
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